John Fitch (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

John Fitch vs Rory McDonald

John Fitch John Fitch is leading a series of 5 wins over Yushin Okami (35-12), Jake Shields (33-11-1), Joao Zeferino (23-9), Brian Foster (28-10) and Paul Daly. In the last 7 fights, Fitch lost only to...

Start Betting on UFC Events

MMA as a sport delivers an unequaled spectator experience irrespective of which of the world’s multitude of fight organizations control or present its particular form of high-energy action. One such...
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Simplifying Sportsbetting Odds

Most people new to sports betting and numerous existing punters have little understanding of how to decipher or calculate betting odds, especially those formats not commonly found or used in their country. In...