In the wake of UFC 116 many fights fans are debating whether or not referee Josh Rosenthal should have stopped the main event fight and declared Shane Carwin the new heavy weight champion.  However there is one man that does debate this and that is Shane Carwin.  Instead of living in the world of should-have and could-have or the “if I did that” or “if I did this,” Shane has never complained about the way the ref handled the situation.  Nor has he complained about the second round submission loss he suffered that night.  Shane did what he does best and that is go out there, throw punches and fight. Despite many other’s opinions,  I do not believe that Shane’s cardio was the problem.  Obviously Shane trains in Colorado at the high altitude and he is in great shape.  There are numerous reasons why his body locked up the way it did. Since that fight Shane has done nothing but show a champion’s mentality.  Instead of licking his wounds Shane is back at the gym preparing himself for his road back up to the top of the mountain.  Shane is not asking for lesser opponents to get back on the winning track like other fighters have.  No, Shane wants to continue to fight the best of the best and he wants to continue to improve and evolve as a fighter.  Shane, being the true champion that he is, thanked his supporters after the loss and promised that he would be back.  Shane is holding true to that promise.  He is back in the gym working hard to improve his skills and preparing for the inevitable rematch with Brock Lesnar.  Shane’s hard work will continue and when the rematch comes, not only will he show the champion’s mentality, he will show the world that he is no fluke.  He is a true warrior with the heart of a champion.

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Josh Davis
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Josh Davis is the owner and President of The MMA Corner, LLC. He has been a fan of mixed martial arts since seeing UFC 1 in his hometown. In addition to his The MMA Corner responsibilities, Josh is the editor of Scrapp! Fight Magazine. Josh has also written for MMA Unleashed and MMA Sports magazines. Josh also manages some of Colorado's best up and coming fighters and is dedicated to the positive promotion of the sport.