It was billed as MMA versus Boxing.  It was called a freak show, but in reality it was a one sided beat down. Randy Couture vs James Toney played out like most MMA fans figured it would.  Couture came out, circled Toney a couple of times and then dove towards Toney’s ankle and got the take down.  Once the fight was on the ground, Professor Couture took Toney to school.  Couture immediately moved in to mount and taught Toney ground and pound 101.  From there, Couture moved into submissions 101.  Couture was able to use his MMA skills to submit Toney with an arm triangle in the first round.  Toney was overwhelmed form the beginning and offered absolutely no defense against Couture’s superior abilities.

This was no surprise to many MMA insiders.  For years, people that covered boxing, as well as many boxers, thought that they could walked into the octagon and knockout whomever they faced.  This fight did not prove that that could never happen but it did prove that odds of it are not very high. This fight proved that because there are so many different elements to mixed martial arts, the odds are against a boxer that offers no other skills the just a one punch knockout.  If they can not defend a take down or submissions or defend the ground and pound, there is little likelihood of them winning.  It is unfair to bring in a fighter that only has one discipline against a person that is skilled in many different disciplines.  This was a fight that many fans wanted but it did nothing for either sport.  It did not prove that MMA is better then boxing or vice-versa.  All it proved was that on this nice night in the octagon, Couture was able to submit a man whose primary skills were boxing.

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