Danny Martinez is making his return to MMA after a seventeen month layoff at Tachi Palace Fight 7: Deck the Halls on December 2, 2010.  Martinez recently packed up all of his belongings and moved into the Alliance Training Center to further his career.  After losing to Joseph Benavidez at WEC 37 Martinez realized that he needed to make some changes in both his personal life and his training if he was going to make it in this business.  Martinez decided that he was going to take some time off to refocus his life and his training; now he is back, better than ever and looking for the opportunity to prove to the world that he is one of the best 125 pounders in all of mixed martial arts.  Martinez took time out of his camp to discuss Jussier da Silva as well some of the changes that he has recently made in his life as well as his training.

The MMA Corner: How did you get started in Mixed Martial Arts?
Martinez: Well after I finished wrestling in college, I did not have anything else to do.  Finding a 9-5 job was not something that interested me so I needed to find something that I could do.  I moved back home and took a meaningless job until I could figure out what I was going to do. Then one of my old wrestling buddies from high school told me that he is training at a gym called Brausa and that I should come check it out, so I did.  I started rolling there and they told me that they could get me a fight in the next thirty days so I took it.  Ever since then, I was hooked.  I knew that this was my calling, that this was what I am supposed to do.

The MMA Corner: How is camp going for your upcoming fight?
Martinez: Camp is going great, we’re six weeks in and things could not be better.  My diet is excellent.  I have not eaten any type of junk food or anything like that.  I’ve been working on dropping my weight.  I started at about 155 lbs and now I am down to about 140lbs so all of that kind of stuff is going well.  Now I’m just putting all the techniques together so that I’ll be ready come fight night.

The MMA Corner: Give me your thoughts on your upcoming opponents?
Martinez:  Well honestly, like anybody else in my position would say, I am honored to be fighting the number one ranked guy in the world.  I know what his strengths are and I know what his possible weaknesses are and I look forward to having the opportunity to try and expose those. He is very technical with both his striking and his ground game.  He is good from both the top and bottom position and he is really fast as well.  I have not actually watched any of his fights, I leave that to my coaches and then they coach me on what I need to do.  All I need to do is train what my coaches tell me to train and then show up ready to fight and ready to implement our game plan and we should come away with a victory.  Even though it is not a title fight, I am extremely happy for this opportunity.

The MMA Corner: Is there a specific reason that you are not watching film for this fight or do you not watch film for any of your fights?
Martinez:  I never watch film on any of my opponents.  I don’t like to watch film because you might get certain things about your opponent stuck in your head or you might start to picture it in your sleep and it can really interfere with your training and the things that you are trying to learn. You don’t want your mind to get overrun with the things that he is capable of, you always want to focus on the things that you are capable of.  The way I look at things is this is my fight and I need to focus on what I need to do.  Again, I leave film up to my coaches and let them tell me what I need to do and they do a really good job at it.

The MMA Corner: How are you enjoying training at Alliance?
Martinez: It is wonderful, I love it.  I have had good coaches in the past but nothing like this.  I’ve never had a true camp or team like this before.  Training here, I have a true camp.  Before, I would train and take fights on a couple of weeks notice but now training is a way of life.  They have me dieting properly and eating right and have shown me how to do things properly.

The MMA Corner: How is training at Alliance going to make you a better fighter?
Martinez:  Alliance is great and it all starts with the coaches.  The coaches are excellent and they really make us a team.  Living at the gym is also a plus because I get to help set an example for not only my fellow professional fighters, but the amateur fighters and the people that just come in to train also.  I get to be the first one at the gym and get to be the last one to stop training so it has really helped me focus on what I need to do to be the best fighter that I can be.  It has also helped me learn how to be a proper role model for all of the young kids that come in here.  Even though they think all fighters are UFC fighters, which we are not, we still need to conduct ourselves accordingly and being at Alliance has really helped me realize that.  In addition to that, we are a true team at Alliance.  There is no attitude between the fighters; there are no egos in our gym.  Nobody walks around thinking they are the best fighter in the gym.  Dominick Cruz, for instance, is one of the smaller fighters in the gym but he pushes everybody.  He pushes the heavyweights, the light heavyweights, everybody.  It is great to have a guy like that to train with and I am very thankful that he invited me out here to come train.  We are a team and we are all willing to work with each other to help us get better and achieving our goals and for me that is getting to the UFC and getting that belt.

(Part 2 will publish Monday 11/29/10)

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