On September 25, 2010 at UFC 119, Frank Mir finds himself in a must win situation.  In the main event of the evening, Mir will face Mirko “Cro Cop” Filopivic in a fight where he has little to gain but so much to lose.  On paper, this is a fight that Mir should win.  He is the bigger, stronger fighter and has some of the best submissions the heavyweight division has to offer.  Even though Cro Cop might have the advantage in a striking war, he has not looked like the vicious striker he was while fighting in pride.  Even in his recent victory over Pat Barry at UFC 115, Cro Cop did not display the crisp striking skills that made him one of the most feared fighters in the sport.In the past Mir has been criticized for not taking opponents seriously and not training hard and because of this he has lost some fights that many people feel he should have won.  So why wouldn’t Mir be taking Cro Cop seriously?  With everything that he has to lose why wouldn’t Mir be training like his fighting career depended on it?  Over the past few weeks Mir has stated in numerous interviews that he was not taking Cro Cop seriously as an opponent and he has scaled back his training.  Mir has indicated that even at 80% he will be able to take Cro Cop down to the mat and submit him.

Mir is one of the sport’s best trash talkers, self promoters and instigators, and it is quite possible that his comments related to taking Cro Cop easy are only to get inside of Cro Cop’s head.  It is also possible that he is only responding to the fact that Cro Cop has indicated that he is not fully recovered from UFC 115 and will not be 100% for his fight with Mir.  Either way, one thing is clear: Mir has too much to lose to not take this fight seriously.  A loss for Mir would make it very hard for him to work his way back up the mountain to a rubber match with current champ Brock Lesnar.  If Mir decides not to train hard and he decides not to take this fight seriously he could be in for a rude awakening.  If, however, Mir decides to take this fight seriously, train hard and mentally prepare the way that he needs too, he should be able to win this fight and move one step closer to regaining what he feels is his heavyweight championship belt.

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