Georges St. Pierre and Frankie Edgar were both nominated for ESPN’s 2010 ESPY awards. St. Pierre was nominated for the “best fighter” award. This was St. Pierre’s second nomination for the “best fighter” award with his first nomination coming in 2008. Edgar was nominated for the “best upset” award for his defeat over B.J. Penn at UFC 112. Neither fighter won their respective awards as St. Pierre lost to Floyd Mayweather for the second time while Edgar lost to Northern Iowa’s upset victory over number one seed Kansas in the NCAA tournament. No UFC fighter has ever won an ESPY but it is an honor to be nominated. The “best fighter” award was named the “best boxer” up until 2007 when the award received a name change so that it could include some of the popular MMA fighters on the lists of nominees. Even though no fighter has ever won an ESPY I think the fact that fighters are even being nominated speaks volumes about the growth of MMA over recent years. The ESPYs originated in 1993 and it took until 2007 for the ESPYs to recognize and nominate MMA fighters. As MMA continues to grow and continues to break through mainstream media I believe that we will see MMA fighters winning some of these awards in years to come. As MMA gains popularity and the sport begins to receive recognition from sports writers I believe that not only will the number of nominations that fighters receive will increase but I also believe that MMA will soon bring home it’s first ESPY Award.

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