Matt Mitrione was picked second to last by coach Rashad Evans during the Ultimate Fighter season 10 and he has been widely ridiculed for his performance.  After his first fight, Mitrione began to complain about migraines and dizziness which caused his coaches, team mates, Dana White and UFC fans around the world to question his toughness as well as his fighting skills.  Mitrione continued in the competition, eventually losing to teammate James McSweeney in the quarterfinals.  Since then Mitrione has stated in several interviews that during the taping of the show he was just playing a character and now that he is in the UFC, he will let his fighting do his talking.  Since then, Mitrione has showed significant improvement and has gone 3-0 with a knockout victory over Marcus Jones at the Ultimate Fighter Season Finale, a TKO victory over Keven “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson at UFC 113 and a decision victory over Joey Beltran at UFC 119.

In every fight, Mitrione has shown improvement inside the octagon as well as showing the potential to be a future contender in the heavyweight division.  In his most recent fight against Beltran, Mitrione showed significant improvement in his striking skills as well as improved cardio.  In a fight that many people thought he would get out struck by a better boxer, Mitrione out boxed Beltran from the opening bell.  He was able to get his strikes off first, land the more effective counter strikes and over all out-box Beltran.  Though he did not get the knockout victory, Mitrione was clearly the better boxer in this fight.  Mitrione was able to use his reach and effective jab to set up the rest of his strikes.  He looked very light on his feet and was able to move around and create angles which allowed him to open up his strikes.  He was even able to out box Beltran in the clinch landing the more effective strikes as well as being able to avoid taking any serious damage.

Mitrione, who is now 3-0 in the UFC has the talent, size and athleticism to be a force in the heavyweight division.  As he continues to improve on his striking, his ground game, as well as learning how to use his size, reach, and athleticism to dictate where the fight takes place he is going to be a problem for anybody in the heavyweight division.  As long as Mitrione stays focused and continues to work with his team and learn from his coaches, the sky is the limit.

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