The UFC is on a mission to get MMA into every major country in the world and they received some good news when Ontario Government Officials reported that they are taking steps towards allowing mixed martial arts in the province. This is great news for mixed martial arts fans everywhere, but especially for those that live in Ontario.  Dana White has said on numerous occasions that Canada is a “Mecca” for mixed martial arts and has high hopes for a show in Toronto.  One of the main reasons why Ontario has had a recent change of heart is due to the possible financial gains from hosting such an event.  It is speculated that a major event in Ontario could draw a crowd of over 30,000 people and possibly generate over 6 million dollars to the local economy through hotels, lodging, restaurants, as well as other stores and services.  As the Ontario Government has monitored MMA safety as well as the monetary gains associated with hosting a large MMA event, they have decided that it would be in the best interests of their city to take these steps to possibly allow the UFC and other organizations to use their city to host certain events.  The Ontario Government cited they have been monitoring MMA and it’s evolution as well as the want of the people to have events in the city as reasons why they have had a change of heart.  Though sanctioning MMA activity will certainly help them in monetary gains, fighter safety is still the number one concern and Ontario officials believe that by regulating professional MMA they will be able to enhance the safety of the fighters by making sure that strict safety and medical standards are met at all events.

As it stands now, six jurisdictions in Canada and 46 states in the United States allow sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts bouts.  As the sport continues to grow and evolve, and the general public as well as athletic commissions realize that it is not barbaric but an athletic competition between two individuals it won’t be long before MMA will be sanctioned in every major country and in every major market throughout the world.  Kudos to Ontario for finally getting on board an allowing this to happen.

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