Rashad Evans has stated in recent interviews that he is perfectly content with not fighting for an interim championship and will wait for Shogun to heal.  This has caused many people to ask the question should the UFC allow him to sit out until spring of next year?  Rashad is a main event fighter and is a good draw for the UFC, so should they force him to fight for an interim title if Shogun is out of action until March?  While I would love to see Evans vs Machida II for an interim title, I understand why Rashad would not want to take that fight.  First, Rashad has a valid point when he says that Machida just lost and should not get an immediate shot at the title.  While many people still believe that Machida is the 2nd best light heavy weight in the world, maybe he should have to get another win before he fights for the title.  Second, Rashad has earned the right to do what ever he wants.  Rashad has nothing to prove.  He has beat the best the division has to offer (except for Machida) and he won his number one contender bout with Rampage Jackson at UFC 114.  This guaranteed that Rashad’s next fight would be for the light heavy weight title, so unless Dana White decides that he wants to do an interim title fight I think that Rashad has earned the right to sit out and wait for Shogun to heal.  I hope that Rashad does not sideline himself until Shogun heals but if he chooses to do so that is his right, he has earned it.

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