The pay per view card offered fight fans a great night of entertaining fights.  The night opened with a number one contenders bout in the heavy weight division between Junior Dos Santos and Roy Nelson.  Dos Santos battered Nelson for three but could not finish the fight.  He hit Nelson with every thing he had in his arsenal but to Nelson’s credit, he would not be finished.  Dos Santos rocked Nelson in the first round and continued his onslaught throughout the rest of the fight.  Nelson showed extreme heart but Dos Santos was the better man tonight winning the a unanimous decision.

The second fight of the night was Almeida vs Hughes.  Almeida came out swinging just like he said he would.  Almeida started off dictating the pace of the fight with his stand up game.  Hughes is a true warrior and dropped Almeida and rushed in for the finish.  Hughes used a wrestling move that he learned in college to put Almeida to sleep.

Fight number three was Guida vs Dos Anjos.  Guida came out with his fast paced style as always, but seemed to struggle with Dos Anjos’ stand up.  Dos Anjos was able to stuff Guida’s take downs and pick him apart with his stand up.   Round two started off again with Dos Anjos continuing to throw punches.  Guida continued to circle and move and eventually got a take down and worked a little bit of ground and pound before the round came to a close.  Round three Guida comes out firing.  Dos Anjos looks tenative and does not want to engage.  Guida shoots and gets a take down.  Guida works Dos Anjos up against the cage and presses Dos Anjos’ head up against the fence.  Dos Anjos taps due to an injury to his jaw.

The fourth fight was also billed as a number one contenders match in the welterweight division between Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves.  Alves did not make weight for this fight and was forced to give up 20% of his of his winnings because of it.  Fitch came out strong in the first round, looking good on his feet and scores a quick take down.  Fitch was able to take Alves’ back but Alves worked back to his feet.  Fitch was relentless in his attack though and continued to take Alves down at will during the fight.  Alves was able to scramble and pulled off a few reverses but he never looked like the “Pit Bull” in this fight.  He looked slow and lethargic and never really threatened in this fight.  Fitch was able to control this fight and dictate the pace of this fight for three  rounds and earned himself a unanimous decision.

The main event offered a middleweight title fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.  Sonnen came out and did just what he said he was going to.  He brought the fight to Silva. Sonnen dominated this fight for four and a half rounds.  He rocked Silva on the feet and was able to take Silva down at will.  Sonnen dominated this fight in every aspect and looked to be on his way to grounding out a decision over the the pound for pound greatest fighter on the planet and the most dominant champion in UFC history.  Silva, though, is a true champion and never gave up.  Silva hurt Sonnen a few different times during this fight but he could not stop Sonnen’s take downs and he spent most of the time working from his back.  Silva attempted several submissions throughout the fight but was not able to lock anything up until round five.  With two minutes left in the fight Silva was able to secure a triangle choke.  Sonnen did his best to work his way but was not able to.  He was forced to tap at three minutes and ten seconds into the final round.  Silva retains his title via submission.

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