Spencer “The King” Fisher has been one of the most exciting fighters since he debuted in the UFC. Fisher made his debut against Thiago Alves at UFC Fight Night 2, defeating Alves via submission in the second round. This win helped put Fisher on the map and earned him a second opportunity to fight for the UFC.  Fisher returned to the octagon at Ultimate Fight Night 3 and earned a TKO victory over Aaron Riley.  With this victory, the UFC and it’s fans learned that Fisher was for real.  Over the next five years, even in defeat, Fisher always put on exciting, crowd pleasing fights. Even though he is loved by the UFC and its fans, UFC 120 is a must win situation.At UFC 120 against Kurt Warburton, Fisher is fighting for his life.  “It is do or die time for me” Fisher told themmacorner.com in a recent interview.  “A third straight loss for me will probably be the end for me in the UFC.”  Because Fisher knows that he cannot afford a third straight loss, he is doing everything he can to make sure that it does not happen.  “I have made some changes in my camp. This is the first time that I stayed home for camp.  I did not go anywhere this time and I brought in some of my old training partners and I got back to what got me here in the first place.  I brought Josh Neer in and a couple of other guys and we just went back to doing the things that got me here.”  He also knows that he must go back to doing the things that he does well and get back to dictating where a fight takes place and how it takes place.  “I am going to be very aggressive in this fight.  I am going to take the fight to him.  I am better then he is on the feet and if I feel that the fight is too close on the feet then I can put him on his back and submit him.  No matter where this fight goes, I am better then he is.  I also think that I am going to be able to use my experience in this fight.  He has never been there before, I have and I think that I can use that to my advantage.” Fisher’s extensive experience should play in his favor come fight night, but perhaps more important is his determination. Fisher stated “I have never laid down for anybody, and I don’t plan on laying down for this guy.” That mindset will certainly have an impact in the octagon. Fisher is doing every thing he can to make sure that he wins this fight.  When asked if he felt added pressure for this he fight he responded “No.  I do not feel any added pressure for this fight.  I know that I must win this fight.  This is my job, this is how I feed my family.  The only pressure that I feel is the pressure that comes with having this as your job, having this as the way I feed my family.”

Fisher is coming off back to back losses to Joe Stevenson at UFC 104 and to Dennis Siver at the Ultimate Fighter Finale 11. He knows the importance of this fight, and is training to go to war.  At UFC 120, Fisher will have to dig deep and show the world what he is made of.  He will have to do what ever it takes to get the victory over a tough opponent but if he does he will move back towards relevancy in the lightweight division.

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