UFC 122 is being criticized for being a night of lackluster fights with an even more boring main event. On paper, UFC 122 appeared to offer fans a night of exciting fights with a shot at the title on the line in the main event of the night between middleweight contenders Nate Marquardt and Yushi Okami. Instead, it was a night of slow fights that did not offer fans the excitement that they had hoped for.

One of the most exciting fights of the night was a fight that was not originally scheduled for the televised portion of the event. When flu-like symptoms forced Alessio Sakara to withdraw from his bout with Jorge Rivera, Duane Ludwig and Nick Osipczak moved up and did not disappoint. Both fighters came out throwing punches and Osipczak eventually caught Ludwig but could not finish him. The second round was more of the same with both fighters giving it their all. In the third round, Ludwig pushed the pace and battered a very tired Osipczak and earned a split decision.

The main even did not excite fans, but it also was not five rounds of Anderson Silva dancing around and mocking his opponent either. Neither Marquardt or Okami pushed the pace of the fight or offered fans anything to get excited about, but they both were trying to fight the fight that they thought would get them a victory. Part of the problem is that this fight was billed as a number one contender fight. The UFC should go back to the days when they did not publicly state that if you win this fight you get a title shot. It puts a lot of pressure on the fighters and many of them go out and fight not to lose instead of fighting to win like they normally would. When fighters know that they are one win away from a title shot, it changes their strategy and instead of trying to dominate their opponent and get a finish, they do just enough to win and that is a recipe for a dull and boring fight.

The rest of the night offered fans a night of average fights. No fight was great but no fight will be remembered as the worst fight in history either. In fact, it is probably safe to say that not many of the fights from UFC 122 will be remembered at all.

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