UFC 121 marked the beginning of a new era as Cain Velasquez defeated Brock Lesnar by TKO at 4:42 in the first round becoming the first ever Mexican Heavyweight Champion in the UFC.  Lesnar came out fast, landing some big shots early and even caught Velasquez with a flying knee.  Lesnar was able to take Velasquez down twice but each time Velasquez was able to immediately get back to his feet. After Velasquez returned to his feet from the second take down, he was able to separate from Lesnar and fight his fight.  Velasquez was able to out strike Lesnar, beating him to the punch and rocking him with several hard shots.  Lesnar had no choice but to turtle up and try to defend, but Velasquez’s ground and pound was too much for him to handle and Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the bout.

Velasquez did every thing that he needed to do to win this fight.  He was able to weather the early storm from Lesnar and use his stand up to dictate the pace of the rest of the fight.  Velasquez is now 7-0 in the UFC and has the longest win streak by a UFC heavyweight.  It has already been determined that his first title defense will be against Junior dos Santos.

Velasquez did more tonight then just when the UFC heavyweight title; he opened up the door for many Mexican MMA fighters in the United States and Mexico.  His victory also will go a long way to help the UFC go into Mexico for future events.  Velasquez has a significant Hispanic following and now that he is champion it will make him that much more marketable to the Mexican people.

UFC 121 ended Brock Lesnar’s run as king of the heavyweight division and starts Velasquez’s stint as champion.  The UFC’s heavyweight championship has proved over the years to be a hard belt to keep and Velasquez will not have any easy competition if he is able to defeat Junior dos Santos, as this division is one of the most stacked divisions in UFC.

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