Shane Carwin has always been a fighter who takes care of his fans.  He often runs contests through his website and his twitter accounts, giving away numerous prizes and making sure that he does his best to stay in touch with the people that support him.  Carwin will continue this tradition this weekend for UFC 121.  Carwin will be watching the event at the United Artist Theater at Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood, Colorado and he is giving away tickets to people that are willing to travel to come hangout and watch the fights.  Carwin is giving away twenty tickets to the event and so far he has given away tickets to people from the United Kingdom, Georgia, and California.

Throughout Carwin’s career he has always been a fan favorite, not just because he always puts on exciting he fights, but because he is your everyday joe who will always take time for his fans.  In addition to that, he has won over the hearts of many others due to constant support of our military.  It is this type of attitude that makes him a role model to many as well as making fans want to fly to Colorado from the United Kingdom just to hangout and watch a pay per view event at the movie theater.

Carwin’s gratitude towards his fans is evident: “I really am just blessed to have so many supporters that I like to take as many opportunities as I can to thank them.  I know I am not a big time celebrity, but for a lot of MMA fans getting to spend time and interact with athletes, it means a lot.  When I have time or the opportunity to interact, talk to or just meet a fan of the sport I take it.  The sport, the big organizations, the sponsors and the fighters would be nowhere without the fans that support the sport.”

Carwin further stated “This will be my first time experiencing a UFC event on the big screen.  You will obviously not find a screen or sound system like what they have at the theaters unless you are at the event.  I am pretty excited to see the fight and can’t wait to watch it with the fans.”

Farhan Ahmad is one of the recent twitter contest winners and will be coming from the United Kingdom.  When asked why he was willing to travel so far to watch the fights with Carwin, he stated “I have been a big fan of Shane’s for a long time.”  He indicated that he really became a big fan after he heard Shane’s story of working full time as an engineer and fighting as well.  It was a situation that Ahmad could relate to as he was training boxing and martial arts while studying for his Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering.

The UFC has had significant success showing their events in movie theaters, allowing them to expand to more theaters across the country.  Movie theaters are great places to watch UFC events because of the big screen as well as the enhanced surround sound.  With the view from the big screen and the sound of the theater it gives fans the illusion that they are actually  at the event. Throw in the fact that it is a fraction of the cost of attending the event or getting it through pay per view and if you attend the showing at the Colorado Mills Mall you get to watch it with Shane Carwin and it is an excellent way to spend the evening.

UFC 121 will be shown at numerous movies throughout the country.  For a list of theaters in your area please visit  For tickets to hang out with Carwin, please visit the box office at United Artist Theaters at the Colorado Mills Mall.  For additional information you can also visit Also, stay tuned to Carwin’s Twitter updates (@ShaneCarwin), since a few more tickets will be given out there, or head to the grand opening of Max Muscle in Littleton, CO from 12-4. Carwin will be there signing autographs and giving away even more tickets. Click here for directions and details.

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