WEC 50 did not disappoint, it was everything that it was billed to be and more.  From the first aired fight to the main events, this card was full of great fights.  There was not one fight on this card that disappointed.  Every fighter came with their A game and brought the fans the action packed fights that they have come to love from the WEC.The televised night opened with Bart Palaszewski vs Zach Micklewright.  Both fighters started the night off with a bang, coming out and immediately trading punches.  For the most part, both fighters were willing to keep this fight on the feet and exchange punches and kicks.  Very entertaining fight with Palaszewski catching Micklewright to end the fight in the second round.  Palaszewski wins the fight via second round TKO.

The second fight of the night was the fight of night.  Scott Jorgensen vs  Brad Pickett lived up to the hype.  From the opening bell to the final bell, these two fighters went to war.  They stood toe to toe and banged with each other, they rolled on the mat and grappled with each other.  Any where the fight could go, these two fighters went there.  Every round was a war that could have gone to either fighter.  Both fighter laid everything on the line for three rounds and went to a decision.  This fight went back and forth and offered fight fans every thing they could want except a big finish.  Jorgensen ended up winning the decision but this was a fight that will be remembered for a long time.

The third fight of the evening was between Cub Swanson and Chad Mendes.  These two fighters came to fight.  Swanson wanted to stand and bang and Mendes did not shy away from throwing punches.  Mendes used his striking to set up his take downs and was able to take Swanson down at will.  Swanson was able to work his way back to his feet on several occasions but Mendes was relentless with his wrestling and continued to take Swanson to the mat.  Mendes was able to control the fight on the ground and at some points even out strike Swanson on the feet.  Swanson did every thing he could to slow Mendes down but tonight his wrestling proved to be the difference maker.  Mendes defeats Swanson via unanimous decision.

In the co-main event of the evening Shane Roller and Anthony Pettis went to war.  Roller came out immediately and attempted a take down.  Pettis was able to defend the take down and work his strikes.  This would be the story of the fight.  For the most part, Roller was not able to keep this fight on the ground.  The few times that he was able to get Pettis off his feet he was not able to keep him there.  Pettis was able to avoid the take downs and work his striking.  Pettis was able to out strike Roller and even rocked Roller on a few occasions.  With the third round winding down, Pettis took Roller to the ground.  Even though Roller initially was able to stand up and get a reversal he fell into a triangle choke and was forced to tap with less than ten seconds to go in the round.  Pettis defeats Roller via triangle choke in the third round.

The main event of the evening could have also won fight of the night honors.  Dominick Cruz vs Joseph Benavidez was a five round battle that will certainly be remembered as one of the best title fights in WEC history.  Cruz wanted to prove that he is the better fighter and deserved to win the first fight, while Benavidez was hoping to prove that Cruz got lucky in their initial bout.  Both fighters came out swinging and they attempted to impose their will on each other.  This was an action packed fight that went back and forth between the fighters.  It was a stand up war between two of the best in the division.  Ultimately, it was Cruz’s wrestling and take down defense that was the difference in this fight.  The stand up war was very even between the two but Benavidez was not able to take Cruz to the ground.  Cruz, on the other hand, was able to take down Benavidez at will and it was these take downs that earned him the victory.  Cruz took Benavidez down at the end of two very close rounds that ended up being just enough to get him a split decision victory.  Cruz defeats Benavidez via split decision and retains his Bantam Weight Championship.

WEC 50 was every thing that fans could want.  Every fight was action packed and every fighter did their very best to earn a victory.  The WEC continues to put on great  shows for it fans and looks to continue to grow the lighter weight classes with action packed fights like these.

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