WEC 51 offered fight fans an exciting night of fights and fight of the night honors went to Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone for their three round war.  In the months leading up to the fight, Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone made it very clear that they do not like each other and that they want to hurt each other.  As soon as the fight started Cerrone came flying out of his corner and landed a big knee that not only rocked Varner but seemed to put him off of his game for the rest of the night. After Varner was caught with the knee he did not seem to be his usual self.  He seemed slow and tentative and Cerrone took advantage.  Cerrone was able to dictate the pace of the fight, beating Varner to the punch, and was even able to take Varner down at will.  For three rounds, Cerrone proved to the world that his previous loss to Varner was a fluke.  On this night Cerrone proved to the world that he was the better fighter.  For three rounds Cerrone out boxed, out wrestled and out fought Varner and earned the unanimous victory.

So where does Cerrone go from here?  Does the WEC give him a third fight with Varner or do they reward him a title shot against the winner of the WEC 53 main event between Henderson and Pettis? In his post fight interview, Cerrone said that he did not care about fighting for a title he just wants to keep fighting.  As humble as that sounds, it is not the case.  Cerrone wants another shot at Ben Henderson.  At WEC 43, Cerrone and Henderson engaged in a fight for the ages, a five round war that has been termed as one of the best fights in WEC history.  Though Henderson earned the decision many people felt that Cerrone won the fight.  Cerrone and Henderson met again at WEC 48, this time with Henderson winning by a first round submission.  Cerrone has made it very clear that he wants to be the best and fight the best, so that only leaves the winner of Henderson vs Pettis at WEC 53.  The other option is a third meeting between Cerrone and Varner.  This fight does not make as much sense because it would just be a grudge match.  At this point in their careers, Cerrone is the better fight and should win that fight nine out of ten times.  If the WEC is going to continue to bill Cerrone as one of the best in the division, then his next fight should be either Henderson or Pettis and if Cerrone looses a third title shot then he might think about dropping down to 145lbs.

No matter what the WEC decides to do, Cerrone will always put on an exciting fight.  Cerrone comes to fight night in and night out.  He does not try to grind out a decision, he does not dodge opponents, he goes out and fights his heart out every night.  He goes out every time and he fights, win or lose, he fights and he leaves it in the cage.  Cerrone is one of the most talented and exciting fighters in the WEC and watching him fight is always exciting.

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