On March 12th, the UFC’s purchase of Strikforce was completed and the rumor mill and speculation kicked into high gear. One prevailing topic? A matchup between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz.

The possibility of the matchup has been discussed by many people in the MMA community and continues to be a topic of debate. The reigning UFC champion, Georges St. Pierre, has held the belt since 2008, defended it 5 times, and has yet to be really tested by anyone in the 170 pound division. If GSP is able to get past Diaz’s training partner Jake Shields, a Strikeforce/UFC matchup will be discussed with much more seriousness. Diaz made a big statement against Paul Daley last weekend- putting him out in the 1st round. With the win, the talk of him fighting the French-Canadian becomes even more buzzed about. If Dana White and Scott Coker want this super fight to happen they need to do it soon, as St. Pierre (30) and Diaz (28) are at the peak of their careers. Before breaking down this potential fight, let’s talk about another option for GSP.
In any sport, whether it be basketball, football, or MMA, fans want the two best teams, or in this case fighters, to compete against each other. In the UFC, there is no question of who the two best pound-for-pound fighters are: Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. Fans have been talking about this matchup for years, but recently the chatter has increased. This fight will happen eventually, but many terms have to be met for it to be finalized. After GSP fights Jake Shields on April 30th, he should take on Nick Diaz next. Now is not the time to make a GSP-Silva matchup. Silva is scheduled to fight Yushin Okami for the middleweight belt on August 27th in Rio, which doesn’t give him time to fight GSP in 2011. But in early 2012, look for this matchup to be announced.

Breakdown of Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz:

Striking- This is the area that could be the deciding factor in the matchup. Nick Diaz has one professional boxing match and has proven his boxing skills in MMA. His opponent, GSP, does not come from a boxing background, but has knocked out opponents in his career. The key for GSP may be just preparing for Diaz on the feet and trying to find holes in his stand up game.

Wrestling: When it comes to takedowns, GSP has some of the best in the game. His style is to shoot on his opponents and ground and pound on them the majority of the fight. If Diaz is going to have any chance on stuffing takedowns, he will need to work on his wrestling more than anything while training.

Grappling: Both men are experienced when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu (black belts). You could give either man the advantage in this area. If you look at wins by submissions, Diaz has the upper hand with 8 while GSP has 5. That of course does not mean Diaz is superior to GSP in terms of Jiu-Jitsu, however, so the grappling game is a tossup.

With the Strikeforce UFC merger there are numerous fight opportunities available but the really seems two fights that fans want most and it is not GSP vs Anderson Silva.  The fights that fans seem to want most at this point is a welterweight battle between Strikforce Champion Nick Diaz and UFC champion Georges St. Pierre and the second fight is Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones.  The UFC is known for giving fans the fights that they want to see so it will be interesting to see how they handle this situation.

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