Sakmongkol “Mong” Sitchuchoke is likely unknown to most American mixed martial arts fans. To those who have seen him compete, “Mong” is a living legend. The 5x Muay Thai World Champion has competed with some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world and has been apart of what many regard as some of the greatest Muay Thai fights of all time. Now he has set his sights on the U.S. where he will look to compete against America’s best Muay Thai fighters and work with the world’s best mixed martial artists.
Those would seem like lofty goals for just about anyone, but Sitchuchoke has little left to prove in the world of combat sports. “I don’t have anything to prove, Muay Thai is my life. I breath, eat and sleep Muay Thai and will continue to fight, train and coach until my body doesn’t allow me anymore,” he told
Sitchuchoke has competed in a reported 250 professional Muay Thai fights but the legendary fighter is still finding great motivation in new challenges. Those challenges include competing in the U.S. for the first time and developing the sometimes rudimentary striking skills of modern mixed martial arts fighters.
“I’ve have never been so motivated before and this is an opportunity of lifetime! I’d like to work with some of the big name fighters out there and help their striking skills. I know I can help get people to a new level of striking.”
Sitchuchoke recently arrived in the United States to train under Master Mauricio Zingano, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Professor Carlos “Caique” Ellias. Zingano runs Zingano BJJ in Colorado where Sitchuchoke is now living and training. To him, training with Master Zingano just made sense: “Professor Zingano has the same hard work ethic as I do and together I know we can make a huge impact in the MMA world.”
While Sitchuchoke has achieved numerous titles and accomplishments in the world of Muay Thai, he has yet to compete in MMA. “Mong” absolutely appears to be a future competitor in the sport eventually but for now he maintains that he simply wants to help those fighters already competing.
“Professor Zingano has brought it up (competing in MMA) and teaches me some things here and there, but right (now I) want to concentrate on Muay Thai for myself. As for MMA, I’m working with fighters right now to improve their striking,” said Sitchuchoke. “I love MMA. (Its a) very tough sport, but I see a lot of flaws on the striking game of many fighters, there is much room for improvement on the striking of many fighters. I’d like to help change that.”
Sitchuchoke will now look to add another win to his reported Muay Thai record of 227 – 19 – 4. While it’s nearly impossible to verify win/loss records in the sport of Muay Thai, those who have seen “Mong” compete know that he is a true Muay Thai great.
Sitchuchoke’s first fight in the U.S. is scheduled for April 9th in Colorado for the Fight To Win promotion. While normally a strictly-MMA promotion, Fight To Win is promoting Sitchuchoke in a straight Thai bout where he will face an opponent to be determined.
As for the future, American MMA fans should be on the lookout for “Mong” as he will no doubt be one of the most talented strikers in the sport when he decides to make his jump from Muay Thai to MMA.
You can follow “Mong” at and his Facebook page by searching for “Sakmongkol”.

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