Mark Hominick is one of the best fighters in the featherweight division and he hopes to continue his winning ways on January 22, 2011 when he faces George Roop at UFC Fight Night 23.  Hominick is currently riding a four fight win streak with three straight victories in the now-defunct WEC.  This fight, however, will not be Hominick’s UFC debut, as he competed for the promotion two times previously.  Hominick recently took time out of his training schedule to discuss his upcoming fight, his thoughts about the WEC UFC merger and his aspirations for a title shot in 2011.

The MMA Corner:  How is your current training camp going?
Hominick: I have a really good camp, a really healthy camp for this fight.  I spent the first half of camp up in Canada and now I am finishing up my camp here in Vegas, just following the game plan, following the methods that have been working.

The MMA Corner: How is your hand healing?
Hominick:  That hand has healed excellently.  Actually, as of December 1, 2010, it was 100%. Everything has healed perfectly so I am ready to go.

The MMA Corner: Your technical striking is one of your biggest assets, are you worried that your hand will cause you problems in future strikes?
Hominick: Not really.  Actually, healing from the broken hand allowed me to heal up from some other injuries as well and I’m back in the gym hitting just as hard if not harder than before.  I fought my last fight with the injury so it’s certainly stronger then it was then.

The MMA Corner: You asked for the Leonard Garcia fight and then you did exactly what you said you were going to do, is Roop an opponent that you asked for?
Hominick:  No, they gave me a name and I took it.  Originally it was supposed to be Jose Aldo on January 1, 2011; obviously that opportunity fell through. Yeah, too bad, but I need to move on.  They offered Roop and he was coming off of a big win and I feel like I came off of a big win on the same show and to me it made sense.  It was two memorable fights, he had the big knockout and I beat Leonard Garcia.  We are both climbing the ranks and we meet here.

The MMA Corner: Give me your thoughts on George Roop as an opponent?
Hominick:  The one thing that Roop has that you cannot truly train for is his height.  It’s not specific technique that you need to train for, it is more of his length and his reach.  He is 6’1” which is extremely tall for the weight class so that is something that we have had to think about in the game plan and the different combinations and what-not that will be effective against somebody with his size and his reach.  His size is certainly an issue that is for sure.

The MMA Corner: What are your thoughts on the WEC/UFC merger?
Hominick: I think that it is great for the fighters, no question about it.  The WEC definitely had a cult following and people knew that every time they tuned in to watch the WEC they were going to see good fights. The fans really understood that the WEC was full of action and every fighter there was always going to put on a good show and that is something that I am going to miss.  But with the UFC, that is what everybody recognizes and then is when everybody considers you to be amongst the best, when you went to the UFC.  So I think that it will be a good thing.

The MMA Corner: Does fighting for the UFC put any added pressure on you?
Hominick: No, not really.  I fought in the UFC back in 2006, so you know those are the types of fights that I look for and I like.  I like fighting on the biggest stage against the best opponent possible so I like that aspect.  I like being under pressure when I have to fight and there is nothing bigger than the UFC.

The MMA Corner: With all the different fighters being released from the promotion, do you feel that you are in a must win situation? Do you feel your job is on the line?
Hominick: I look at every fight as a must win. For myself, I look at the last 2 ½ years, this is kind of my title run, I am taking a real run at this title trying to fight the best guys in the world and with every fight I go in there with the mind set of this is a must win situation.  I am not going in there to lose, I am going in there to take out who ever is in front of me.  I feel like I can compete with the best in the world and that is where I feel that I belong.

The MMA Corner: Not to look ahead, but do you feel that a win against Roop puts you in line for a title shot?
Hominick: You know what, that is really for the UFC to decide.  A win here would be five in a row for me; I’m climbing up the ranks and beating top level guys.  Roop is no push over so I have to get through him and continue my run.

The MMA Corner: So what can your fans expect from you in 2011?
Hominick: 2011 is definitely going to be my year. I am going to be making a run at the title.  There are no ifs, ands or buts about it, that is what I am going for in 2011.

Mark is currently riding a four fight win streak and hopes to continue his winning ways against George Roop.  A victory for Hominick would certainly put him at the top of the mountain in the featherweight division and could quite possibly earn him the title shot that he deserves.  Regardless of the outcome fight fans can expect big things from Mark Hominick in 2011 and know that no matter what he always comes to fight and does his best to please his fans.

Mark would like to give special thanks to team Tompkins and Denaro Sports.  For more information about Mark please visit

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