Davis, a former collegiate wrestler at Penn State, currently holds an undefeated MMA record of 9-0. His last win came just a few days ago as he defeated MMA veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueria by unanimous decision. Davis was able to use his wrestling background to hold the Brazilian down on the mat throughout the fight and earn the victory. With the win, Davis jumps near the top of the division, with some even saying a title shot is very near. But the question is: Would Davis be a favorable matchup for Jones? Jones’s skills are off the charts when it comes to the octagon, and he is capable of beating anyone put in his way. But with that said, is Phil Davis the guy that will give Jones a challenge? This fight of course has not been made, but TheMMACorner will give a quick breakdown of this possible matchup:

Striking: When it comes to striking, there is no question who has the upper hand. Jon Jones has the longest reach in the UFC, and uses it well to land punches, kicks, and elbows. His style is nearly impossible to prepare for, and also trains at one of the best camps in MMA, which gives him an added advantage. Phil Davis, on the other hand, is not a proven boxer. He does have the ability to strike, but is no where near the level of Jones.
Wrestling: This is the area where the skills of both fighters are very close, both coming from a wrestling background. Davis was a more proven wrestler in college, competing at the Division I level, while Jones went to junior college. Even with that said, Jones has the ability to use his length to not only take his opponent down but to defend there take downs as well. You can easily argue for either one to win the wrestling area of this potential fight, so it’s a tossup.

Grappling: In the last area of the breakdown, we look at grappling. If the two use their wrestling ability to land a takedown in the fight, then who will be able to capitalize off it more? Both men have submission victories in their careers, but the overall quickness will be the key. Jones’s long limbs are a huge advantage for him. Even if Davis is able to put him on his back, Jones will be able to use his length to defend against any ground and pound as well as be able to use it to work submissions off his back. However, Davis has 3 of his 9 wins by submission, so it is possible for him to get a submission victory of his own.
Now comes the time to pick a winner for this possible fight in the future. After breaking down both fighters and looking at their strengths and weaknesses, Jon Jones looks like the logical pick. Davis may be able to hang with him if he is able to use his wrestling ability, but Jones would eventually take over the fight. Jones could possibly finish it early either by knockout or submission as early as the second round.

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