Titan Fighting Championship and Colorado based company Ink’d Out Apparel have teamed up to make Ink’d Out Apparel the official clothing line of Titan Fighting Championship.  Ink’d Out Apparel started off as a t-shirt company making shirts designed by tattoo artists.  “The original idea was to be these really wild and really cool designs that were created by our tattoo artists,” stated Guy Thompson, Owner and CEO of Ink’d Out Apparel.  Guy and the rest of the team caught a big break when they met local fighter Vinnie Lopez.  From there they were able to connect with Vinnie’s  manager, Ricky Vasquez of Grudge Sports Management.  Through the business relationship and friendship that was created from this meeting, Vasquez was able to help Ink’d Out Apparel transition into the MMA community.  If you know the team at Ink’d Out then you already know that this was a perfect fit for these guys. Ink’d Out began to sponsor many of the fighters represented by Vasquez, and continued to grow their relationships with the local promoters in Colorado.  Ink’d Out quickly became a mainstream name and not only did their business grow but so did their reputation.

On May 27, 2011, at Titan Fighting Championship 18, Ink’d Out Apparel will be branded as the official apparel company of TFC.  “This is a huge deal for us as well as Ricky and his fighters. This will allow us to continue to grow and reach new markets as well as giving fighters another opportunity at sponsorship” Guy indicated.  Ricky Vasquez stated that because of his relationship with Guy and the efforts put into helping him grow his business, it made perfect sense to do this deal.  “It allows us to help Titan Fighting Championship grow as an organization and it allows Ink’d Out Apparel the opportunity to grow with them, as well as allowing me to get some of my fighters the opportunity to compete for this organization.  It was truly a team effort to get this deal done but it is a deal that should helpeverybody involved to grow and achieve their goals.”

This deal is certainly big news for all parties involved and it will be a great partnership between two great companies in Ink’d Out Apparel and Titan Fighting Championship.

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Josh Davis is the owner and President of The MMA Corner, LLC. He has been a fan of mixed martial arts since seeing UFC 1 in his hometown. In addition to his The MMA Corner responsibilities, Josh is the editor of Scrapp! Fight Magazine. Josh has also written for MMA Unleashed and MMA Sports magazines. Josh also manages some of Colorado's best up and coming fighters and is dedicated to the positive promotion of the sport.