A veteran of over fifty fights, lightweight Drew Fickett has experienced a gamut of highs and lows over the last three years. After a difficult stretch starting in August of 2008, that saw the fighter drop eight of 10 bouts, a rejuvenated Fickett has returned to his winning ways and has his eyes on a title shot.

Fickett recently joined The MMA Corner to discuss his upcoming bout in the Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) against fellow UFC veteran Brian Cobb, as well as what has led to the career resurgence over the past year.

Originally slated to take on Hermes Franca for the vacant MFC lightweight title, Fickett will now face Cobb following Franca’s arrest in Oregon. Asked if the opponent change affected his gameplan, a confident Fickett declared, “Not at all. I’m focused on what I’m going to do, not what my opponent is going to do. I look at tape and see where his strengths and weaknesses are, and I know those going into the fight. But the same thing is still going to happen; I’m going to submit him.”

Elaborating on Cobb as fighter, Fickett confirmed his knowledge of Cobb’s game, “He’s got really great endurance and he’s well-trained as a wrestler. His greatest opportunity to win is to grind out a decision.”

So how will Fickett counter that approach?

“I will keep looking for the finish, whether it’s on the feet or on the ground. (I hope to) put him away early. If I can’t, I’ll be dangerous the whole fight and be looking to submit him.”

Although no longer a title affair, Fickett still has his sights set on MFC gold. But he’s quick to point out that he’s not looking past Cobb.

In preparation for the fight, Fickett has trained with Team Scrub and has a gym built right out of his home. Because of this convenience and the ability to make his own schedule, Fickett is as ready as ever for a fight.

“Training has gone really well. My weight is closer to weight than I’ve ever been in my life,” explained the lightweight. “I’m really lean; the best shape I’ve ever been in for a fight.”

Since the tough run from 2008 to 2009, Fickett has rebounded by claiming the Shine Fight Grand Prix (defeating Charles Bennett, Dennis Bermudez and Carlo Prater in the process), as well as defeating UFC vets Derrick Noble and Matt Veach. A large amount of credit for the turnaround comes from Fickett’s newfound sobriety.

“The biggest difference is that I’ve rededicated myself to the sport,” Fickett admitted. “I’m completely sober for six months now. I attribute the success to living a healthy lifestyle, getting off the booze, refocusing my energy on things that are important, like my family, my fiancé, my daughter and my teammates.”

With renewed focus, Fickett is thrilled to be in the MFC and hopeful for a belt soon. “The MFC is top class. I relate them to the UFC in terms of showmanship and quality. Their professionalism and the way they handle the fighters. Everything is on time and on queue. I really like fighting for them.”

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