Over the last couple of days, the weather in the northeastern United States has made the mercury rise north of the 100-degree mark.  That didn’t stop Cage Fighting Xtreme from holding their 17th show, as fans flocked to the Dorchester Armory in Boston to see their favorite local fighters and even a few big names.  Even though the card had only two professional fights, the overall quality of the fights made you forget that you were primarily watching amateurs.  Fans also got to see UFC fighter Joe Lauzon, since two fighters from his team were fighting that evening, and also the current CFX light heavyweight champion Mark Griffin was on hand after recently signing a contract with Bellator.

Andrew Hughes with the CFX Girls and Trophy (Photo: Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner)

In the main event of the evening, Andrew Hughes, a member of Marcus Davis’ Team Irish, took on Team Overkill fighter Scott Morse for the amateur middleweight title.  The fight started out with two fantastic takedowns by Morse, throwing his opponent to the ground like a rag doll.  From there, the fighters scrambled around on the ground with the Team Irish fighter able to acquire top position.  The round ended shortly after the fighters returned to their feet, where Hughes was again able to score another big takedown.  After the bell to start the second round, the Team Overkill fighter had a standing headlock in which he jumped back in an attempt to land a guillotine choke which Hughes was able to slip out of.  From there, Morse was in a really bad spot which led to Hughes slapping on the fight-winning armbar to become the CFX amateur middleweight champion.

Lauzon MMA fighter Evan Scott getting his hand raised as the amateur bantamweight champion (Photo: Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner)

That was just one of three amateur championship fights on the evening, as bantamweights Evan Scott and Ibraham Tody and welterweights Jason Shaver and Mike Drohan fought for their respective titles.  In the 145-pound scrap, fighting out of Bridgewater, Mass., Scott fought most of the fight off of his back, showing a fantastic guard in keeping the Wai Kru fighter tight to his body while working strikes and submission attempts from the bottom.  Scott’s jiu-jitsu skills from the bottom paid off, as the Lauzon MMA fighter was able to land an armbar at the midpoint of the round, earning bantamweight gold for his duties.  In the amateur welterweight championship fight, Lakeville MMA fighter Mike Drohan showcased his superior wrestling and striking to capture his title by way of submission due to strikes in the third round.

In the evening’s professional bouts, Dexter MMA fighter Joe Powers took on Wai Kru’s Dominic Warr in a 160-pound catchweight fight, and Jason Dublin of Dublin MMA fought Gerald Spiegel of Team Spiegel at middleweight.

Jason Dublin (white shorts) landing punches on Gerald Spiegel against the cage (Photo: Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner)

The catchweight bout featured some crazy tactics by Warr, who threw all sorts of unorthodox strikes such as superman-hammer fists, among other tactics.  The Wai Kru fighter also was hopping in and out at different angles like Dominick Cruz, but also at times held his hands down and his head forward like Roy Jones, Jr.  With all of this happening, however, he wasn’t landing a lot of significant strikes as Powers patiently waited for his spot to pounce, which came in the middle of the second round when he landed a significant jab that knocked out his opponent’s mouthpiece and ignited the crowd.  The third round had the Dexter MMA fighter confidently striking and knocking down Warr twice, but during both scrambles Warr ended up on top.  In the end, Warr was awarded the unanimous decision based on his work in the first two rounds.

Right out of the opening bell in the other professional fight, Gerrald Spiegel landed a huge punch which put Jason Dublin on his back.  It was an action packed first round from there, as the fighters returned to their feet and eventually Dublin was able to work for a rear-naked choke by the end of the round.  The Team Spiegel fighter looked tired after the grueling first round, and was on the receiving end of some serious strikes throughout the rest of the fight.  The only hope that he had was to take down the Dublin MMA fighter, which is what he was able to do out of desperation a couple of times.  In the end, it was Dublin who won the fight by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29), mostly due to landing some great standing strikes.

While the card was full of amateur fights, the evening lacked an amateur feel.  With fight camps from all over the northeast being represented, the fighters gave it their all and put on a fantastic show.  Promoter Linda Shields was very happy in the end and said that she is looking forward to their next show which will take place in Sept. in Plymouth, Mass.  She hopes for it to not only be a little cooler come September, but that the fights are just as exciting.

Full Results

  • Nate Sherwood def. Anthony Delesandro (Rear-naked choke, 1:18 of Rd 3)
  • Stephen Desjardins def. Angel Gonzalez (Unanimous Decision)
  • Russel Ryan def. Dana Laky (TKO, 2:35 of Rd 1)
  • John Lemke def. Nicholas Sherwood (Unanimous Decision)
  • Tony Ellison def. Nathan Pomales (TKO, 0:57 of Rd 1)
  • James Murrin def. Ashon Abdulla (Unanimous Decision)
  • Amateur Welterweight Championship: Mike Drohan def. Jason Shaver (Submission from Strikes, Rd 3)
  • Dominic Warr def. Joe Powers (Unanimous Decision)
  • Jason Dublin def. Gerald Spiegel (Split Decision)
  • Joe Cronin def. Gill Rodrigues (TKO, 1:54 of Rd 1)
  • Amateur Bantamweight Championship: Evan Scott def. Ibraham Tody (Armbar, 1:28 of Rd 2)
  • Amateur Middleweight Championship: Andrew Hughes def. Scott Morse (Armbar, 1:03 of Rd 2)

Top Photo: Andrew Hughes (l) caught in the clinch of Scott Morse (Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner)

  • Hi Brian,
    That fighter with the crazy style – is his last name really Warr? Too funny. I like how you described his antics in the cage. Great comparisons. Was a great night. And thankfully, today is much cooler.