“The Assassin” Houston Alexander has been on a roll lately, going 3-1 with one no-contest since his release from the UFC.

Alexander recently took time to talk to The MMA Corner, discussing his upcoming fight with Razak Al-Hassan at MMA Fight Pit’s inaugural event, “Genesis,” which takes place on Aug. 13 in Albuquerque, N.M., and airs live on pay-per-view.

His opponent is 29-years-old and trains out of a solid camp in Milwaukee under Duke Roufus. “Razor” is 11-3 in his MMA career, with seven of those victories coming by submission.

Alexander gives high praise of his opponent.

“The first thing you notice is he is tall and a very athletic guy,” Alexander said of Al-Hassan. “He has a great leg kick, great Judo and is very well-rounded.”

The two light heavyweights will do battle in the headlining bout of Saturday’s event.

When asked about why he chose to fight at “Genesis,” Alexander stated, “The opponent first of all. When they brought Razak to the table, that was a rap for me.  And being able to fight in Albuquerque made it a done deal for me because a lot of people from all over the world go to Albuquerque to train out there with Greg Jackson.”

“The Assassin” doesn’t have a specific game plan for this fight and just wants to be himself in the cage.

“I’m agressive, I never back down, I move forward, and all that I need to do is be myself and I can win any fight,” explained a confident Alexander.

Alexander has competed in many organizations since his time away from the UFC, but isn’t bothered by his free agent status.

“It doesn’t bother me at all because I’ve been branding myself in different parts of the world,” Alexander explained. “I’m glad to be doing this free agency thing for now and from what I hear, it all pays the same.”

Whenever a fighter is released from the UFC, they usually compete in many smaller organizations hoping to get on a winning streak that will allow them to return to the UFC’s Octagon.

The former UFC light heavyweight contender would love to make such a return, but he is just foucused on fighting the top guys in the sport.

“I’m just gonna keep fighting my fight. I know I can fight against a quality opponent and not someone who is just mediocre,” says Alexander. “I wanna fight top guys, no matter what organization or camp they’re in.”

At 39-years-old, Alexander might be considered old for an active mixed martial artist, but he isn’t concerned with setting a deadline to hang up the gloves.

“I can compete as long as my body is healthy and as long as I’m advancing and learning. I’m probably the healthiest I’ve been in my entire life because of MMA,” Alexander said. “I can go as long as I want.”

Photo: (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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