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Florian Contemplating His Future

After losing out on an opportunity to become UFC champion three separate times, Kenny Florian has decided to take a break from fighting before deciding his future. Although the bout against Jose Aldo was a unanimous decision in favor of Aldo, the judges’ cards did not reflect the competitiveness of each round. Perhaps, none of Florian’s other attempts at securing an UFC championship were as well contested as this match, which must magnify the bewilderment experienced by Florian. Florian has consistently shown that he can compete with the best fighters in the world at his respective weight class, but his inability to seize an opportunity to become champion is no serving as a question mark looming over his career.

In a released statement, Florian ensured fans that he is still, “passionate about mixed martial arts, and [loves] being involved in this sport.” Thus, any in fear of Florian unequivocally retiring may stand at ease. If, by chance Florain does retire, it appears that Florian would have a blossoming career in broadcaster as he has made impressive appearance both ringside and on MMA television shows.

Source: UFC

Silva Voted Onto UFC Undisputed 3 Cover

UFC fans were able to vote for a fighter to grace the cover of the soon to be released UFC Undisputed. The five fighters that were eligible for the fans vote were the five current UFC champions: UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, UFC middleweight Anderson Silva , UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones or UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. In the end it was fitting that the consensus pound for pound best fighter in the world won the fan vote.

Source: UFC

Dana White, Ambitious and Exhausted

Dana White has already grown a once floundering company into an incredible success; nevertheless, White does not seem to be slowing down and the upcoming 2012 UFC docket is the proof in the pudding. In an attempt to bring UFC to the next level White has announced that the UFC is aiming to put on 34 events for 2012, a 22 percent increase from the 27 events booked in 2011.

Not only is there an increase in bouts for the upcoming calendar year, there is also the venture of UFC airing on broadcast television, namely Fox. This is a high-risk, high-reward move being made by the UFC because now the ratings must come to fruition on a broader scale. To rest any concerns, the advertising for UFC’s first event on Fox is completely sold out for the one-hour televised card, and a list of blue-chip sponsors has lined up to occupy the available slots.

Source: MMA Junkie

UFC 136 Medical Suspensions Announced, Maynard Receives 60 days

Although Frankie Edgar’s looked more battered and beaten in his post fight appearance than his opponent Gray Maynard, it was Maynard that received the longest medical suspension of 60 days from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Despite the first round beating, the victorious Edgar received a medical suspension of 45 days.

The list of medical suspensions lasting longer than the standard 10 days included:

  • Frankie Edgar: Suspended until Nov. 23
  • Gray Maynard: Suspended until Dec. 8
  • Leonard Garcia: Suspended until Nov. 23
  • Eric Schafer: Suspended until Nov. 8
  • Mike Massenzio: Suspended until Nov. 23

Source: MMA Junkie

Thiago Santos Replaces Injured Mike Hayes at Bellator 56

Thiago Santos was initially slated to compete in the Bellator 56 season-five heavyweight tournament; however, visa issues kept Santos from appearing. Thus, it may have been fate as Santos won a tourney reserved tournament, cleared his visa issues and was subsequently tapped to replaced the injured Mike Hayes. Hayes who broke his orbital bone in a first round victory against Neil Grove, given the short duration of time between bouts in the 12-week tournament, Hayes could not continue.

Santos will meet Blagoi Ivanov in a semifinal matchup.

Source: Bellator