There are few people in the world that can say that they have done more in combat sports than Jens Pulver.

Pulver has fought in every major organization in mixed martial arts and was the first-ever UFC lightweight champion.  In addition to his years of dominance as a mixed martial artist, Pulver also dominated the boxing ring, going undefeated as a professional boxer.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that 505 Games and developer Kung Fu Factory decided to make Pulver not only the face of their new game, “Supremacy MMA,” but also pick his brain and utilize that wealth of knowledge to help mold the game.

Rather than target the simulation gaming crowd, the title takes aim at the arcade enthusiasts.  This approach is further enhanced by the fight venues, which run the gamut from abandoned warehouses to the inside of a prison.  These environments and such features as ‘finishing moves’ put the game in closer relation to such titles as “Tekken,” as opposed to the sanctioned and realistic feel of the UFC Undisputed or EA Sports mixed martial arts offerings.

“I love this game,” Pulver told The MMA Corner.  “It has everything that a combat sports game should.  I like the fact that it is an arcade type game, so it allows us to do more with the game play.

“For instance, in some combat sports games once you get caught in a submission, you are forced to tap and the fight is over.  With ‘Supremacy MMA’ being an arcade style of game, that is not the case.  You get caught in a submission and you break your arm or whatever, it drains your power and energy, but the game still goes on.  You can still come back and win the fight.”

“Supremacy MMA” offers a very unique mixed martial arts gaming experience.  With numerous characters and fighting styles, thousands of moves and almost limitless combos, this game gives you lightning-fast action that makes you feel like you are in the game and fighting for your own life.

In addition to Pulver, the game features a lengthy roster of real-life fighters including such notable names as Shane Del Rosario and Jerome Le Banner and even makes room for the ladies with the inclusion of Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez.

Every character in the game is based on a real and legitimate fighter, but “Supremacy MMA” takes it one step further.  Instead of just using a likeness and similar fighting style, the creators of the game did their best to make not only exact replicas of the fighters and their fighting styles, but take actual facts from the fighter’s history to create the back stories for each fighter in the game.  In addition to using personal information to create the back story for this game, they also used the voice of each fighter to give the game a more realistic feel.

“This is one of the most realistic arcade games out there,” Pulver stated. “It also celebrates each individual fighter, the diversity of all the different fighters and fighting styles, who they are, where they came from and all of the different struggles that we all had to go through to become professional fighters. And it is not just me, it is all of the guys that they put into this game.  They really did an awesome job.”

“Supremacy MMA” is not for the weak at heart, but it is a game that Pulver feels any fan will enjoy.  Developed and designed with the true gamer and the true fight fan in mind, he believes this game surely will not disappoint.

“Supremacy MMA” is available on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and can be found at gaming stores everywhere.

Photo: Jens Pulver (Wilson Fox,

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