Every Monday, The MMA Corner takes a look – with video footage when possible – at the previous weekend’s action at small regional and international shows with a focus on UFC and Pride veterans, consensus-ranked fighters and up-and-coming prospects. Here’s what went down between Oct. 26 and Oct. 30:

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Deep: Cage Impact 2011, 2nd Round (Tokyo; Oct. 29)

In the evening card of Deep’s doubleheader event, Hiroshi Nakamura (13-5-4) edged Dream and WEC veteran Yoshiro Maeda (28-11-2) by majority decision in a fight that made Sherdog’s 10 October Tussles Worth Watching…UFC and Dream veteran Ryo Chonan (20-12) earned a unanimous decision over kickboxer Naoki Samukawa (1-1)…Sengoku veteran Doo Ho Choi (7-1) landed a flying knee to knock out Pride vet Nobuhiro Obiya (12-5-1) in the third round…Dream veteran and current Deep welterweight champion Yuya Shirai (21-10-1) took home a unanimous nod over Yoshitomo Watanabe (10-13-3) in a non-title affair…Deep light heavyweight champion Yoshiyuki Nakanishi (11-2) was also victorious in non-title action, utilizing soccer kicks to score a second-round TKO of Yusuke Masuda (3-11-3).


Oct. 26
Inka FC 13 (Santiago de Surco, Lima, Peru)

Iberico (yellow trunks) vs. Neguinho

David Iberico (10-2) submitted Ronaldo Neguinho (0-1) via a second-round triangle choke.

Oct. 28
Kumite MMA Combate (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Acacio (white trunks) vs. Ribamar

In a fight that made Sherdog’s 10 October Tussles Worth Watching, Pride veteran Daniel Acacio (26-12) scored a second-round TKO of Jose Gomes de Ribamar (29-6-1)…Pride veteran Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons (27-14) scored a second-round doctor’s stoppage TKO of Samuel Quito (8-4)…Francisco da Silva (18-5) secured a rear-naked choke in the second round to submit Bruno Alves (3-4)…No.9-ranked 135-pound female fighter Vanessa Porto (13-4) locked in an armbar to submit Jennifer Maia (4-1-1) in the second round.

Porto (tight trunks) vs. Maia

Landi-Jons (black/yellow trunks) vs. Quito

MMA Corona Cup 4 (Moscow)

Bellator and ShoXC veteran Tony Lopez (26-8) submitted Dmitry Zabolotny (13-4) via a first-round armbar.

Strefa Walk: Emelianenko vs. Dabrowski (Warsaw, Poland)

Pride veteran Aleksander Emelianenko (17-4) withdrew from his scheduled contest with Rafal Dabrowski (5-1), a fight that made Sherdog’s 10 October Tussles Worth Watching. Emelianenko cited the promotion’s inability to fulfill its financial obligations as the reason for his withdrawal, while the promotion claims that the fighter was making extravagant financial demands.

Wreck MMA: Unfinished Business (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada)

Sengoku veteran Nick Denis (10-2) needed only 63 seconds to knock out Bellator vet Nick Mamalis (23-8) via a slam..UFC and IFL veteran Rolles Gracie (5-1) secured an arm-triangle choke in the first round to submit Lee Mein (5-11)…Nathan Gunn (9-2) captured the Wreck MMA welterweight crown with a unanimous decision victory over Nabil Khatib (11-7).

Oct. 29
Deep: Cage Impact 2011, 1st Round (Tokyo)

Kikuno (white trunks/black waistband) vs. Lee

In the afternoon card of Deep’s doubleheader event, Dream veteran Katsunori Kikuno (16-4-2) scored a first-round TKO of Sengoku vet Kwang Hee Lee (5-3)…Kazunori Yokota (14-5-3) scored a second-round TKO of fellow Sengoku veteran Katsuya Toida (12-11-3)…Strikeforce and Dream veteran Daisuke Nakamura (24-13) submitted Sengoku vet Chang Hyun Kim (16-8) via a third-round armbar…Amanda Lucas (3-1), daughter of Star Wars creator George Lucas, secured a rear-naked choke in the first round to submit Mika Harigai (6-25-1).

Yokota (black/white trunks) vs. Toida

Nakamura (black trunks) vs. Kim

Gala MMA: Romania vs. Germany (Cluj, Romania)

Lungu (camo trunks) vs. Mahle

Pride veteran Alexandru Lungu (8-2) needed just 66 seconds to lock in an arm-triangle choke and submit Chris Mahle (1-2)…Benjamin Brinsa (11-0) remained undefeated with a first-round rear-naked choke submission of Iulian Gheba (1-1).

Brinsa (long trunks) vs. Gheba

Knuckle Up MMA 8: Eclipse (Hull, England)

John Phillips (14-4) successfully defended his KUMMA middleweight belt with a 56-second TKO, due to injury, of Matt Ewin (22-11-1).

Pacific Xtreme Combat 27 (Mangilao, Guam)

Affliction veteran J.J. Ambrose (17-3) took home a unanimous nod over Sebastien Garguier (9-8-1)…Joe Taimanglo (16-4-1) claimed the PXC featherweight championship with a unanimous decision win over Strikeforce and IFL veteran Harris Sarmiento (33-23)…Justin Cruz (18-4) successfully defended his PXC bantamweight crown with a unanimous decision victory over Trevin Jones (1-1).

Shooto Brazil 26 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

No. 3-ranked flyweight and Tachi Palace Fights veteran Jussier da Silva (11-1) successfully defended his Shooto South American 123-pound championship with a second-round rear-naked choke submission of Michael William Costa (7-4).

Oct. 30
Gladiator 25 (Tokyo)

UFC and Dream veteran Ikuhisa Minowa (51-32-8) submitted Young Woo Yu (0-1) via a first-round kimura…Ryuta Noji (15-6) successfully defended his KPW heavyweight title, taking a unanimous decision verdict over Carlos Toyota (3-5-1).

Legend Fighting Championship 6 (Cotai, Macau)

In a fight that made Sherdog’s 10 October Tussles Worth Watching, Sengoku veteran Jadamba Narantungalag (7-2) captured the LFC lightweight title with a split decision win over champion Adrian Pang (19-8-2)…Rodney MacSwain (13-4) earned a unanimous decision over Yong Jae Lee (4-3)…Michael Mortimer (15-4) locked in an armbar in the first round to submit Ereneo Galindez (0-1).

Photo: Doo Ho Choi (standing) scores the upset win over Nobuhiro Obiya (Taro Irei/Sherdog)