The last time that Boston promotion Cage Fighting Xtreme met, the thermometers were reading above 100-degrees.  Last night, the promotion put on its first show since that hot summer day, and on the weekend before Thanksgiving the regional fans were thankful for the chance to see two titles get defended on the same card.  Although both title fights ended up being canned before the event, the fans were by no means disappointed by any of the action that took place at the Jungle Plex in Plymouth, Mass.

In the evenings main event, Fernando Perez took on Lee Metcalf in a catchweight fight that took place at 152-pounds.  There was a long feeling-out process at the start of the fight with Metcalf landing some sharp kicks to the outside of Perez’s right leg during that time.  As the round went on, Perez was starting to get more comfortable, landing some good counterstrikes to his aggressive opponent.  However, the South Shore Sport Fighting product kept working the right leg of his opponent and it was very apparent that the kicks were paying off due to a very visible bruise forming, which was evident due to the Muay Thai style of shorts that Perez was wearing.

Late in the first round, Perez had to have known that he was down on the cards as he charged towards his opponent and landed a big kick with the bruised leg.  That kick spelled the end for Perez, because as it landed he instantaneously was visibly hurt, started to retreat and hobble backwards.  Seizing the moment, Metcalf charged back at him and as he started to throw punches at his fallen opponent, the referee jumped in and ended the fight.

A replay on the big screen showed that when the kick landed, his knee clearly popped out of the socket.  The fight officially ended by tapout due to injury at 4:48 of round one.  With the victory, Metcalf ended a two-fight losing streak and improved his record to 6-5.

The preceding fight pitted fan favorite “Sloppy” Joe Lamaroux against Gerry Spiegel in a middleweight bout.  Spiegel was coming off a close split decision loss at CFX 17 to Jason Dublin and was looking to get back on track with this fight, however “The Punching Bag” lived up to his nickname and was on the receiving end of a lot of strikes throughout the entire three rounds.

“Sloppy” Joe completely controlled the first round, landing multiple punches in a clinch against the cage for most of the round and was able to put Spiegel on his back two times for good measure.

The second round was closer than the first, but it also featured a good amount of clinching against the cage, of which Lamaroux was getting the better of.  This round, he went old school and reached into his arsenal of attacks and started foot stomping his opponent.  “The Punching Bag” did get the better of the striking early and late in the round, but the work in between that by Lamaroux gave the round to him.

At the start of the third round, Spiegel finally put it into top gear as he came out with two strong push kicks.  Sensing his opponent was wearing out, he pressed the action and was getting the better of the initial striking.  “Sloppy” Joe must have caught a second wind, because about one minute and thirty seconds into the round, he started fighting back.  It was by no means the most technical round of fighting, however it was entertaining.  The fight ended with Lamaroux scoring a takedown, but ending up on the bottom after a bit of a scramble.  With this, Spiegel was able to gain the mount and throw some strikes from there, but the clock ran out on him before he could do anything significant with it.

To the cheer from almost every fan in the house, “Sloppy” Joe Lamaroux improved his record to 3-1 after being awarded the unanimous decision victory.

Pierre Pierry on his way to the cage (Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner)

Earlier in the night, Pierre Pierry earned his third career victory when he patiently landed a hip-to-hip rear-naked choke against Chris Paolini late in the first round.  At the start of the fight, the two fighters were exchanging evenly on their feet, which prompted Pierry to land an easy takedown.  Paolini put his opponent into his guard and was doing a good job defending against a minimal ground-and-pound attempt early into the takedown.  After a while at the relative stalemate, Pierry opened up and started landing some fierce strikes which opened up his opponent and made him scramble to defend the strikes, leaving his neck wide open for the eventual fight-winning submission.

The two other professional fights lasted less than two minutes total.

At super heavyweight, Wade Therrien easily disposed of Artie Mullen by TKO due to strikes at just 51 seconds of the first round.  The two came out throwing heavy shots, but ultimately Therrien got his opponent into a Muay Thai clinch and landed a big knee to the body followed by a bigger knee to the head which dropped his opponent.  He followed up with more strikes until the referee saw enough.

The other pro fight saw a quick submission as Bill Mahoney took down Hector Sanchez immediately and transitioned straight into side control.  From there, Mahoney sunk in a huge fight-winning keylock.  “Spartan” Sanchez disputed the stoppage with the referee, however replay clearly showed his free hand tapping the mat.  This outcome came to the surprise of nobody, as all three of Mahoney’s victories heading into the fight were by submission and all three of Sanchez’s losses had come by way of submission.

While the professional fights were the key components to the card, the amateur action was stellar.  Nine of the twelve amateur fights were stoppages which left the fans satisfied.

Jen Lopez getting prepped outside of the cage (Photo: Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner

Jordan Smith opened the eyes of the fans early as he had been slammed to the canvas by Dave Brown and was on the bottom the entire round, until seemingly out of nowhere he swept his opponent from the bottom and sunk in a beautiful rear-naked choke to win the fight late in the first round.

Jen Lopez put her name on the map as she came out strong, landing huge strikes and bringing the fight to the ground, where she earned a guillotine choke after setting her opponent up with big ground-and-pound.

Welterweight Mike “The Stuntman” McDonald pressed the action early against Jake Perry and landed some strong punches which wore down his opponent and left him wobbly.  McDonald knocked out Perry at 2:05 of the first round and had the best knockout of the night to that point.

Greg Morse of Team Irish came out very strong against Jeff Hsu in their welterweight fight by landing a big punch that put his opponent on his back.  Hsu was quick to turn it around though and used wrestling to wrap up, recover and press for a takedown of his own.  Hsu was able to gain the back mount and ground-and-pound his opponent until he opened up for the fight-winning rear-naked choke.

In bantamweight action, Louis Callaber sunk in a standing guillotine choke out of nowhere with ten seconds left in the first round in his fight against Mike Tabar. It was a fight that had been pretty even to that point.

The next two fights ended by triangle choke, as Brian Sparrow submitted Steve Erland early into their fight and Cody Anderson came back after losing the first round to Paul Nischo and slapped on the fight-winning submission late in the second round.

CFX promoter Linda Shields (R) watching the action cageside (Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner)

When it comes to regional MMA, Linda Shields has a stronghold on the Boston market.  On a night where the UFC was putting on a big show with a lot of huge names, the MMA fans of Boston flocked to Plymouth to see some great regional action.  While the last two cards put on by her Cage Fighting Xtreme have mostly featured amateur action, you wouldn’t think it by watching the quality of action that takes place in her cage.  Shields told The MMA Corner there is something about their shows that take place at the Jungle Plex, and that she was pleased at how well the event turned out.  She revealed that the next CFX show will take place in March at the same venue, and hopes that the show goes as well as Saturday night’s event.

Full Results

  • Cody Espanoilia def. Brian Allard (Unanimous Decision)
  • Jordan Smith def. Dave Brown (Rear-naked choke, 2:42 of Rd 1)
  • Renan Borgess def. Doug Miller (Unanimous Decision)
  • Jen Lopez def. Grace Nowak (Guillotine choke, 0:47 of Rd 1)
  • Bryan Pires def. Christian Barrett (Unanimous Decision)
  • Mike McDonald def. Jake Perry (KO(strikes), 2:05 of Rd 1)
  • John Rhodes def. Anthony Delesandro (Rear-naked choke, 2:34 of Rd 3)
  • Jeff Hsu def. Greg Morse (Rear-naked choke, 2:03 of Rd 1)
  • Louis Callaber def. Mike Tabar (Standing Guillotine choke, 2:50 of Rd 1)
  • Brian Sparrow def. Steve Erland (Triangle choke, 2:19 of Rd 1)
  • Cody Anderson def. Paul Nischo (Triangle choke, 2:15 of Rd 2)
  • Pat Walsh def. James Chaplin (TKO (Chaplin didn’t answer bell), 3:00 of Rd 1)
  • Wade Therrien def. Artie Mullen (TKO (Strikes), 0:51 of R1)
  • Bill Mahoney def. Hector Sanchez (Keylock, 0:56 of R1)
  • Pierre Pierry def. Chris Paolini (Rear-naked choke, 4:27 of R1)
  • Joe Lamaroux def. Gerry Spiegel (Unanimous Decision)
  • Lee Metcalf def. Fernando Perez (Tapout(injury), 4:48 of R1)

Top Photo: Fan favorite “Sloppy” Joe Lamaroux on his way to the CFX cage (Brian McKenna/The MMA Corner)