Mark Hominick will always be remembered for his gutsy performance against champion Jose Aldo at UFC 129 in Toronto.  With a hematoma the size of a grapefruit protruding from his forehead, Hominick never gave up and in the fifth and final round he mounted Aldo and did everything that he could to finish the fight. At the end of the night it was Aldo who would win by unanimous decision, but Hominick won over the fans with his never quit attitude.

Hominick is preparing for his first fight since UFC 129.  It will come against Chan Sung Jung when the UFC returns to Toronto for UFC 140.  Hominick recently sat down with The MMA Corner to discuss his loss against Aldo, as well as his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Jung and what he needs to do to get another title shot.

This year has been full of highs and lows for Hominick.  In January, he defeated George Roop at “UFC: Fight for the Troops 2″ to earn his title shot.  Shortly after his loss to Aldo at UFC 129 in April, Hominick’s wife gave birth to their first child, a healthy baby girl. And in August, he lost his longtime friend and coach Shawn Tompkins.  With everything that he has been through this year many people question how he will rebound in his upcoming fight.

“I am ready to get back in there,” the Canadian fighter admitted.  “I have done a lot of things during this lay off, not just with fighting but with my family life as well.  I think that having this time off has been good.  Really, I prefer to fight three times a year and this will be my third fight of the year, so for me it really isn’t that big of a deal.”

After the Aldo fight, Hominick took time away from the sport to be with his family and to spend time with his newborn baby girl, but that did not stop him from watching, reviewing and breaking down his fight with Aldo.

“I watched the fight shortly after it happened and then I watched it again recently and I had opportunities to win that fight,” Hominick said.  “Every time I would get the momentum, he would do something to take it back.  In the third round, I was winning the round and then he scored the knock down that gave him back the momentum and he was able to do that a couple of times during the fight.

“Jose is a tough fighter and a great champion and I gave it everything I had.  When I was in there fighting, I felt that I had left everything inside the Octagon and that I did everything that I could do to win the fight, but after watching the fight I realized that there were opportunities that I did not capitalize on.  That was that fight however, now I am focused on Jung.”

Hominick is still widely considered to be one of the best in the featherweight division and wants to earn his way back into title contention and it all starts with the “Korean Zombie.”  Jung, who is known for his unorthodox striking and world-class submissions skills, will certainly push Hominick, but “The Machine” says that he is ready for everything that Jung brings to the table.

“Jung is a very tough fighter and he is good anywhere the fight goes, but I know that if I execute the things that I do well and don’t get caught up in his style of fight then I am confident that I am going to get the win,” Hominick said.

Hominick is hopeful that with a few victories he will get another shot at UFC gold, but he also wants to earn it and not ask for it.

“I am not going to be that guy that asks the UFC for another title shot,” Hominick stated. “I want to win fights, and have the fans tell the UFC that I deserve another title shot.  Ultimately, that is what matters and I want to put on exciting fights, string together some wins and have the fans tell the UFC that I deserve another title shot and that starts at UFC 140.”

Hominick was on a five-fight win streak before he lost to Aldo and he will certainly have to put together another significant win streak to get back to title contention.  Though he fell short the first time around, Hominick is still one of the best in the division and his precision striking and aggressive nature will always be a style that his opponents will struggle to handle.

Top Photo: Mark Hominick after his title bout with Jose Aldo at UFC 129 (Tracy Lee/Yahoo Sports)

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