Every Monday, The MMA Corner takes a look – with video footage when possible – at the previous weekend’s action at small regional and international shows with a focus on UFC and Pride veterans, consensus-ranked fighters and up-and-coming prospects. Here’s what went down between Jan. 5 and Jan. 8:

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Shooto: Survivor Tournament Final (Tokyo; Jan. 8 )

In a fight that made Sherdog’s 10 January Tussles Worth Watching, No. 10-ranked bantamweight Masakatsu Ueda (15-1-2) took home a majority decision over Kyoji Horiguchi (6-1)…UFC and Sengoku veteran Keita Nakamura (22-5-2) earned a majority decision over Yoichiro Sato (8-5-2)…Guy Delumeau (15-6-3) and Wataru Miki (18-10-6) fought to a split draw in the Survivor Tournament finals. The fight was meant to crown a new Shooto Pacific Rim 143-pound champion…Hiromasa Ogikubo (9-2-2) took a unanimous nod over Tetsu Suzuki (13-9-3).


Jan. 6
Driller Promotions/SEG: Downtown Showdown 2 (Minneapolis)

EliteXC veteran Kaitlin Young (6-5) scored a second-round doctor’s stoppage TKO of Anna Barone (2-3).

Jan. 7
Colosseum Combat 19 (Kokomo, Ind.)

UFC and Strikeforce veteram Shamar Bailey (13-5) secured a choke in the third round to submit Darrell Smith (16-19-1) in a fight that made Sherdog’s 10 January Tussles Worth Watching.

Dare Fight Sports: Dare 1/12 (Bangkok, Thailand)

UFC and Pride veteran Daiju Takase (10-13-2) earned a unanimous nod over Brandon Kesler (0-3).

West Coast Fighting Championships: Bruvado Bash (Placerville, Calif.)

Max Griffin (4-0) needed just 56 seconds to knock out Bellator and ShoXC veteran Jaime Jara (32-11)…Strikeforce veteran Derrick Burnsed (9-2) needed only 34 seconds to lock in a guillotine choke and submit Nolan Sules (4-3).

Photo: Masakatsu Ueda batters Kyoji Horiguchi en route to a majority decision victory (Taro Irei/Sherdog)