Although the UFC’s seven-year deal with Fox is still in its infancy, the effects of the deal are beginning to trickle through the MMA world.

The MMA Corner has learned from sources close to the situation that the latest impact is that guns and ammunition sponsors, such as The Gun Store and, have been banned from events that take place on the Fox family of networks.

*UPDATE * –  The MMA Corner has learned that the ban includes companies related to guns, knives, ammunition, and hunting.  It will go into effect on Jan. 23.  The ban has been extended to all UFC events, not just those broadcast on the Fox family of networks.

The Gun Store, based in Las Vegas, has sponsored numerous fighters in recent years, from heavyweight Shane Carwin to lightweight Spencer Fisher.  The location has also hosted prominent fighters such as light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (pictured), UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture and MMA legend Wanderlei Silva.

Fighters competing at events that air on Fox, FX or Fuel TV will have to find other sponsors for their bouts.

The first such event takes place this Friday, Jan. 20, in Nashville, Tenn., marking the inaugural event on the FX network (although the UFC 142 prelims aired on the network on Jan. 14).  The promotion then makes its second appearance on the Fox network the following weekend in Chicago.

After further examination of the aforementioned UFC 142 preliminary bouts, guns and ammunition sponsors were noticeably absent from both fighter banners and shorts.

At this point in time the ban does not appear to affect pay-per-view main card fighters, but any fighters taking part in Fox-broadcast preliminary card fights will be impacted as they shift from Facebook to Fuel TV in 2012.

Photo: Jon Jones at the Gun Store (Tracy Lee/Combat Lifestyle)

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  • What about companies like DEATH Clutch. They aren’t exactly a positive image. I feel bad for Chris at the Gun Store. They have been a HUGE supporter of the fighters.

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  • Erin

    Oh well.. looks like I wont be watching anymore UFC events.


    More politically correct bull crap! If you’re going to ban something how about Condom Depot.I’ve always been glad to see ammo and gun companies sponsor UFC. What do half naked women say for family values too?

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  • Paul

    The Gun store and others should take the opportunity for publicity. Offer deep discounts on logo wear for UFC ticket holders to wear at the event. I think FOX is misreading their target audience, and this would send a message in a productive manner.

  • dan

    Sponsors who have supported fighters the whole time, are being forced to pay huge fees to have their logos shown..Greed is out of hand. I have watched my last UFC…done with Dana and his BS.

  • Gary C

    Guess I won’t be watching.

  • Roy Peterson

    I haven’t watched any UFC events. Now, I won’t have any considerations to do so.
    We all know how ‘peace-loving’ the UFC fights are, and how concerned the UFC must be about extolling violence.
    Maybe Fox will realize their mistake and dump these morons. Since the libs don’t watch Fox anyway, it’s a sure bet this deal will be a revenue droppper for them. Do ya think they might learn something from this?

  • tj

    won’t be watching that bs any more. lets see how far they get in the world today if we didnt have guns and ammo

  • Lonnie B.

    guess I will be adding to my boycott list.

  • Rob Tatum

    I think some of you may be missing the bigger picture. Fox is considered network TV. And there has been a long-running policy to not run weapons advertisements on network TV. Think about it, when was the last time you saw Glock commercial on NBC or CBS? I’m sure the answer is never. Is there hypocrisy in it? Sure. There are violent TV shows all the time involving guns and knives, but they’re not directly marketing them. As the UFC continues to grow as a company, the implementation of policies like this should not come as a surprise. They banned adult entertainment companies years ago, yet they still have ring girls dressed in bikinis. This wasn’t motivated by a disagreement with the second amendment or anything.

  • Michael Bettinger

    It looks like it’s time to BOYCOTT FOX!

  • I hope political correctness is extended to diapers and tisue. As all the politicians should be wearing then. And they all three offend me….. Let’s all grow up put on some adult pants and quit crying about everything we don’t agree with. It’s advertising who cares who it offends.

  • Ben Sharp

    I will no longer support MMA events. If responsible gun ownership cannot be respected how can responsible fighting be acceptable? Were all in the same situation at the end of the day, don’t sell each other out.

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  • Mike

    Time to boycott FOX & all their sponsors.

  • Ed

    Rob – are you able to clarify whether this decision was based strictly on the contract with FOX or is this a unilateral UFC decision?

    Is your example of advertising based on some law that weapon manufacturers are not permitted to advertise on network TV?

    • Rob Tatum

      Ed, based on the order of events, it appears that it was driven by the Fox deal. The first information I received only involved the Fox-broadcast events, but a few days later, it changed to include all UFC events.

      I looked into your question about a law that prevents weapons manufacturers from advertising on network TV, and as far as I can tell, there is no law on the books. It appears as if all the major networks have a handshake agreement in place to not show those ads. I’ve heard rumblings that some states do have a law that prohibits cable companies from broadcasting weapons ads, but I did not go through each state’s legislation on the subject.

      • Ed

        Thanks for the follow-up Rob.

        The “all UFC events” is likely the result of re-broadcast rights in the FOX contract.

        A similar thing happened in NASCAR – the Winston Cup went away due to a law banning tobacco advertising…had nothing to do with the networks or NASCAR.

        • Rob Tatum

          No problem Ed. I’m just glad you understand the whole thing. Clearly the UFC didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to ban weapons sponsors.

  • Graham

    This is such BS. Everyone needs to mass mail UFC and demand they stop the discrimination of legit, honest firearm business. UFC just lost MAJOR points. Perhaps they only want promotions from the Care Bears and My Little Pony.

    What a disgrace…..

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  • Rob

    NBC is running gun and ammo commercials on their outdoor channel. This can’t be compared to not seeing a Glock commercial on the nightly news, when the fox ban is for the entire fox family of channels.

    • Rob Tatum

      Yes, but you’re talking about a very specific cable channel, that specifically targets gun owners and outdoor enthusiasts. It is not broadcast in every home in the country. I am curious if their ban on hunting companies includes things like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, etc.

  • Justin smith

    You’d thank that a station, who’s main views are 2nd amendment supports, would thank that banning something related to guns would effect their rating. And then tell theirselves, hey stupid don’t do it, it’s bad for ratings.

    • Rob Tatum

      But nothing is actually changing on the network. They haven’t been showing any gun related content. The only thing changing is that UFC fighters can no longer be sponsored by weapons companies. In fact, the handful of fighters sponsored by on the FX event are probably the only gun advertisements that Fox has had on air in decades.

  • Pvt.Joker

    Well, the way I see it is like this:
    Dana buys UFC. Sells soul to Rupert Murdoch. Pvt.Joker stops watching UFC, not Fox, because that was where the policy change took effect.
    Didja get that?
    Pvt.Joker stops watching UFC, not Fox, because that was where the policy change took effect.
    Punish the effect. Not the cause. You can’t bring Rupert down, but you can decrease the value of a brand he bought and perverted against our interests.

  • FOX turning DEMOCRAT?

    FOX has lost their minds and forgot about the constitution and right to bear arms. FOX doesn’t support GUN RIGHTS now!?! Everyone will have to put in complaints with both them and the UFC and Dana, that is absolute CRAP. If that is the case I’ll just stop watching FOX, paying/viewing UFC, and watch it online for free.

  • shocked at Fox

    what the heck! they show ads with ladies parading around in underwear for Victoria’s Secret and Fruit of the Loom and that is actually illegal out in the street, but purchasing guns for hunting etc is legal and that is getting banned? that is thumbing your nose at guns, sticking it to the UFC fighters and the little businesses trying to make a living! a lot of these UFC guys enjoy hunting and camping with their families along with their fans, fox is really letting the little man down if they go ahead with that! fox will be demonizing guns which is wrong, time to start getting on the horn and letting them know how we feel, that is just not acceptable!

  • Randy

    Well UFC just lost another fan and supporter. I will not support those who do not support me. PERIOD.

  • Vincent

    Remington has been a NASCAR sponsor for many years on various cars. Over the years these cars have appeared on just about every major network.

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