It was announced on Tuesday per the official UFC Twitter account that Mark Munoz suffered an arm injury which has forced him out of his scheduled bout against Chael Sonnen at UFC on FOX 2. It was also announced that perennial contender Michael “The Count” Bisping would be replacing Munoz on less than three weeks’ notice. Also, it was made official that the winner of Bisping vs. Sonnen would become the No. 1 contender and face UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva once he returns to action.

For quite a while now, Bisping has been very vocal about the fact that he believes he has been overlooked for quite a while when it comes to getting a chance to fight for a title. He went so far as to say on The MMA Hour that the fact he has been overlooked for so long was “bullshit.” Now, Bisping has nothing to complain about as he finds himself one victory away from getting the opportunity to fight for a title.

His road to fight for the title will not be an easy one. While Bisping has performed well against the lower tier of the top middleweights, he has never fought a fighter on the level of Sonnen since making the move from light heavyweight to middleweight.

The biggest problem facing Bisping in this bout will be the superior wrestling of Sonnen. If Bisping has shown any weakness in his game, it has been his lack of takedown defense. In his fight against Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110, Silva, who has never been known as a fighter who wanted to take a fight to the ground, was able to take down Bisping seemingly at will. Silva’s ability to take the fight to the mat and control Bisping on the ground ultimately lead to Bisping being on the losing end of a unanimous decision.

Since that bout, Bisping has won his last four fights, including victories over Dan Miller and Jason “Mayhem” Miller. With no disrespect directed towards any of the fighters Bisping has defeated, they are nowhere near the level of Sonnen, who is the consensus No. 2 welterweight in the world.

Sonnen has won six of his last eight fights. In his chance to dethrone Anderson Silva, Sonnen gave Silva more than he could handle for more than four rounds before getting submitted with less than two minutes remaining in a bout that he was clearly winning. Throughout his career, submissions have been Sonnen’s Achilles’ heel. Out of his 11 career losses, eight have came via submission.

On the other hand, over the course of 38 professional bouts, Sonnen has only been defeated twice by TKO: once by corner stoppage and once by a cut. With that said, odds are he will not knock out Sonnen. These facts should lead to the  two biggest questions facing Bisping in this bout: will he be able to defend the takedowns of Sonnen and if he finds himself on his back, does he have the weapons to submit Sonnen?

Bisping has shown he can be controlled on the ground by fighters far from having the wrestling pedigree of Sonnen. Also, Bisping has not recorded a submission victory since 2005, which so happened to be his last fight outside of the UFC. With that said, the answers to the aforementioned questions are more than likely “no.”

Despite the fact that anything can happen on any given night in this crazy sport we call mixed martial arts, expect Sonnen to have an easy night against Bisping. After losing to Sonnen, Bisping will have no reason to complain about not getting a title shot.

This piece was authored by Jason Schielke. You can find Jason on Twitter: @JasonSchielke