Raise your hand if you remember that cheesy mid-90’s movie Hackers.

Now, for the three of you with your hands up, how many of you are a mixed martial arts fan that has a deep disdain for the Ultimate Fighting Championship?   For those of you with your hand still raised, how many of you wish you had the skills of Jonny Lee Miller and could bring down their website for your own profit?

Well too late, somebody beat you to it.

It was just six months ago that some Fedor Emelianenko fanboys with too much free time on their hands got a hold of Strikeforce.com and posted a bogus story about how Fedor vs. Anderson Silva would happen at  light heavyweight, as long as all the stars perfectly aligned.

Now, Strikeforce’s big brother has received the hack job this time around. Instead of posting a fake story about how Junior dos Santos, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Art Jimmerson would be going to battle in a “Fatal Four-Way” inside the Octagon, it seems that the site has been changed up to lead visitors to external pages upon clicking on any links.

The MMA Corner was not able to verify what websites the links lead to, as this writer already has enough trouble with spyware, malware, and viruses as it is.

As of this post, the website is just as it appears in the above photo.

One last thought—does anyone else think the silhouette of the “fighter” surrounded by fans looks a little bit like John Cena? Hmmm…

Photo: The Compromised UFC.com

This piece was authored by Jason Schielke. You can find Jason on Twitter: @JasonSchielke

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