This week in the world of jiu-jitsu there has been a bit of a lull, with no serious competitions going down since the European championships were finalized. In today’s segment, we will take a look ahead and map out the big tournaments that will be going down in the next few weeks in both the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) and WPJJ (World Pro Jiu-Jitsu).

As many jiu-jitsu players can see, the IBJJF championship team never sleeps. Only two weeks after they held another successful European championship in Lisbon, they will be traveling to the heart of Texas for the Houston Open. The third installment of the event will be held on Feb. 11 – 12 and there are already numerous big names registered like Ryan Hall, Bruno Amorim and Lloyd Irvin teammates Jonathan “JT” Torres and Jimmy Harbison.

From Houston, the IBJJF crew will head out to Chicago on March 3 for their annual Chicago Winter Open championship. At the event, you can still expect to see many of the best black belt competitors who will be looking for another tune-up event for the Pans and Worlds.

While the IBJJF travels around the country holding events in numerous states, the World Pro championships will be holding its trials all around the world for the main event in April! The next trial will be in Finland on Feb. 18, as some of Europe’s best will have their chance to punch their tickets to the main event in Abu Dhabi.

On March 3 – 4, possibly the most competitive World Pro trial will take place in Gramado, Brazil. In by far the most popular trial, many of Brazil’s top black belts will fight for their rights to fly for free in the main event. Then, finally, on the same weekend the World Pro organizers will be having a tournament on the East coast and West coast of the United States, as half of the crew will be in San Diego and the other half will be in New York. On March 10 – 11, both coasts are bound to be rocking with intense jiu-jitsu, as San Diego is expecting competitors such as Xande Riberio, Clark Gracie and Lucas Leite, while New York may be in store for another clash between Lucas Lepri and “JT” Torres.

Lastly, Rob Constance will be hosting his second installment of the Ultimate Absolute: Lightweight Edition. The 16-man tournament will have some of the best, including “JT” Torres, Celso Vinicius, Ryan Hall, Renan Borges, Justin Rader, Bruno Malfacine, Bruno Frazzatto, Mark Ramos and yours truly, Gianni Grippo. So stay tuned for that event, as there is bound to be plenty of excitement in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City on Feb. 25.

There is a run-down of some of the bigger jiu-jitsu tournaments coming up, so make sure you stay tuned for the recaps on each one of these events. Osss!

Photo: “JT” Torres (R) has a busy schedule ahead of him in February and March

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