Finisher. Veteran. Ultimate Fighter?

These are just a few words that describe Blue Springs, Missouri’s James Krause. Or at least he’d like to hope, after competing on the upcoming 15th season of the UFC’s reality show, which premieres March 9, live on FX.

The lightweight enters the elimination round as one of the most experienced competitors in the field, possessing a record of 15-4 and having stopped his opponent in every single one of his victories. Now the WEC and Bellator veteran is ready for another chance on the big stage.

“This is a life-changing opportunity,” said Krause while speaking to The MMA Corner. “I haven’t pulled any punches getting ready for this. If I’m going to lose, it will be the very best James Krause that loses.”

Krause (L) looks for a headkick (Titan Fighting Championships)

Having twice competed under the Zuffa banner (in the now-defunct WEC), Krause is eager to prove that he belongs. The fighter believes he will have an upper hand over some of the other 31 competitors.

“I think I’m well-rounded and I bring that to the table along with my big show experience,” Krause said. “I’m coming up on 50 fights total now (including amateur). Some of these guys have single-digit fights, and when the cameras get in their face, they may freeze up. I don’t expect that to happen to me.”

With a victory on March 9, Krause will enter the house and be cut off from the outside world for 13 weeks, yet it’s a sacrifice that he is willing to make.

“That change alone can drive a lot of people crazy,” the fighter explained. “I think in general, as a society, we get used to being in a routine and being comfortable. I just got married, and I’m going to miss my wife’s birthday and our one-year anniversary. I don’t want to sound cliché, but it’s a little different this time. You have to have a really good supporting cast.”

In addition to being away from home for such an extended period of time, Krause may very well have to fight a friend or two to win the show. But in the end, it’s all business for the Grindhouse product.

Krause (L) celebrates victory (Titan Fighting Championships)

“Obviously I don’t want to fight anybody I know,” Krause admitted. “At the same time, I think I speak for myself, as well as anyone else on the show, when I say that we are both after the same thing and it’s just got to be done.”

To help prepare him for the show, Krause recently spent some time with Duke Roufus’ camp in Wisconsin. He was encouraged by the results.

“It put me on another level,” declared the fighter. “Not necessarily skill-wise, but just knowing that I can hang with some of the top-level fighters on the planet. I came back a new person.”

With so much at stake, Krause is anxious and ready for the show to begin.

“(I’m) on top of my game right now,” said Krause. “I’m in shape, on weight and I feel good. I’m the best I’ve ever been and I can’t ask for anything else.”

James would like to thank his family, wife, coaches, management and gym for their support.

Top Photo: James Krause (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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