Their bags were packed a little over a week ago. Plane tickets in hand, 32 men bid farewell to their friends and family, who they won’t be able to see for the next three months. In the meantime, their sanity and their physical skills will be put to the test.

For some, it will be agony and nothing more. For others, the arduous journey will be well worth enduring for the benefits they will earn in the end.

The highest achievement will of course come in the form of being called “The Ultimate Fighter.” But only one man can come out at the very top. The remaining fighters who put everything they have into this competition won’t come out of the experience empty-handed, however. For those fighters, the rewards will come through lessons learned, and possibly some new training partners, teammates or coaches. Some of them will even realize their dream of fighting inside the Octagon at an official UFC event.

And this year, fans will be right there with the fighters as they compete in Las Vegas, as the show goes live for the first time in the series’ 15-season history.

The Ultimate Fighter has made for a busy week here at The MMA Corner. We’ve chatted with four of the warriors headed to Las Vegas in hopes of making it into the TUF house and emerging with the trophy and a UFC contract. In addition, The MMA Corner’s Richard Wilcoxon has looked at all 32 fighters from the cast and named his favorites, as well as those he sees as likely to make the house and those who enter the competition as the underdogs. With so much ground covered, we wouldn’t hold it against you if you happened to miss some of those features.

That’s not to say we won’t give you a little friendly nudge toward the features you might have missed. So if you haven’t yet had your fill of preparing for tonight’s premiere episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Live, which airs at 9 p.m. ET on FX, then here’s a one-stop shop for all of our coverage from this week:


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Photo: The Ultimate Fighter Live (FX)