The comparisons are inevitable. After all, how many sets of twin brothers turn out to be successful mixed martial artists?

For Ryan Healy, even after nearly 30 fights, the topic of his brother, Pat, always comes up. However, he’s learned to deal with it.

“It’s hard to do interviews when they want to talk about your brother,” joked the lightweight while speaking with The MMA Corner. “To be honest, it’s pretty awesome. Pat’s the best training partner I could ever hope for because we’re able to have an unmatched intensity with one another, and we still walk out as friends.”

Healy (Sherdog)

As Ryan prepares to headline Score Fighting Series 4 on March 16 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, he’s looking to match the success his brother is currently having under the Strikeforce banner.

“I’m happy for Pat, but I’m a little jealous of where he is at in his career,” Healy acknowledged. “At the same time, I’m inspired because he’s got everything that I am working for.”

Although Healy already has a ton of experience, his opponent on Friday night, John Alessio, has even more. Nevertheless, the Oregon-based fighter is excited to make his promotional debut.

“It’s going to be a tough fight,” said Healy. “He’s well-rounded, but I match up with him quite well. I’m going to be able to impose my will.”

The Team Quest product envisions victory by taking advantage of what he sees as a chink in the armor of Alessio.

“I think his major weaknesses is his toughness,” Healy explained. “He doesn’t like to get popped in the face. He likes a slow pace and to pitter-patter guys, looking for the submission. I’m going to get in his face and make him fight me, something he’s not going to like.”

The confidence that Healy exudes comes after nearly hitting rock bottom just a few years ago, in the midst of a five-fight losing streak.

“I wasn’t taking smart fights and I was taking them on short notice,” said Healy. “I wasn’t well-trained and didn’t have a proper training camp. It’s hard when you get that call and you’re broke. You get an offer to fight a guy in a week for a few thousand dollars and it’s hard to say no. That was my biggest problem.”

Healy (L) (Sherdog)

While he has righted the ship and now holds victories in seven of his last nine outings, Healy doesn’t hide how bad things really were.

“I was contemplating hanging it up,” he admitted. “It was tough and it really broke me down. My biggest weakness in those fights was that I was an unconfident fighter. I was fighting tough guys and I didn’t necessarily believe I could win.”

Now with his career back on track, Healy is ready to go to work on Friday night.

“I’m excited,” he declared. “Fighting for Score worked out perfectly for me and I’m honored to be fighting in the main event against Alessio.”

Ryan would like to thank his sponsors, Gamma Labs, Oregon Grown Designs, Float On, and Dirty Boxer. Also his friends and clients at LA boxing for giving him the opportunity to make a great living and get all the training he need for his fights.

Top Photo: Ryan Healy (R) (Sherdog)

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