Ben “Killa Bee” Saunders has come a long way from his days as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter reality show.  Since then, he has fought some of the best fighters that the welterweight division has to offer and has won over MMA fans worldwide with his aggressive and exciting fighting style.

Saunders is coming off of one his most exciting performances to date, though it came in a loss to his friend and teammate Douglas Lima in the finals of Bellator’s season-five welterweight tournament. Saunders will now look to rebound from that defeat as he faces Raul Amaya in the opening round of Bellator’s season-six welterweight tournament.

“Everything is on point: my technique, my conditioning, my timing, my cardio, my weight, everything,” Saunders told The MMA Corner. “I am certainly primed and ready to go. I am looking forward to getting back into the cage and getting that “W” and putting on a phenomenal show for the fans”

Even though Saunders lost in the finals of the last tournament, he is not dwelling on the fight. In fact, he immediately put the loss behind him and began getting ready for his next fight.

“The loss really wasn’t all that depressing,” the fighter explained. “Anybody that was able to see the post-fight interviews or the post-fight press conference saw that I had a smile on my face the whole time. You know, if I am going to go out then that is how I am going to go out; swinging for the fences. I came in with a big right hook trying to knock him out and he came with a big ole overhand right trying to knock me out and unfortunately he connected. It is what it is. I thought that I won the first round and I wanted to go out and try to finish the fight in the second round. You know, I put it all on the line and I came up short, but honestly I have no regrets.”

“Fighting Douglas Lima was an honor but now I am looking forward to get back into action,” said Saunders. “Obviously I want to win this tournament and earn a title shot, but most importantly I want to go out and excite the fans, whether that is with a flying knee knockout or whatever; that is what I plan on doing.”

Many people have Saunders as the favorite to win this tournament, but he knows that winning this season’s tournament will not be an easy task as there are some of the best welterweights in the world competing. That is not something that he thinks about, though. For Saunders, fighting in this tournament gives him another opportunity showcase his aggressive fighting style to the world.  Winning the tournament and earning a shot at the welterweight champion will just be an added bonus.

“I never think about stuff like that, whether or not I am the favorite in the tournament or in a fight,” stated the welterweight. “In some sense it is better to be the underdog because then the pressure is not on you, but at the end of the day a fight is a fight. My mentality in every fight is that win, lose or draw, I am coming to bring it and put it all on the line. A’t care who you are or what your skill set is.  Honestly, I am the type of guy that could do very well just being told when and where to show up for a fight.  I’d show up and fight not knowing anything about my opponent and I’d do just fine because that is how I am.  I make myself well-rounded.”

Having that type of attitude and mentality is exactly what Saunders will need as he takes on virtual unknown Amaya.  Saunders, who has not gone to a decision since his decision loss to Dennis Hallman at UFC 117 in August of 2010, hopes to put on another exciting show and walk away with another highlight-reel victory.

Ben wanted to give a special thanks to Future Legends, American Top Team and all of his teammates and coaches, friends and family and above all he wanted to thank his fans for all their loyal support.  All of the fan support means the world to him.

Top Photo: Ben Saunders submits Luis Santos at Bellator 53 (MMA Weekly)

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