With such a high crossover of fans it is no wonder why so many people love both the UFC and the WWE. Of course they offer two different forms of entertainment; each possessing unique qualities for fans.

Additionally, both organizations also have a lot to offer for professional athletes. The UFC provides the highest level of true competition in combat sports while the WWE allows for athletes to entertain millions of people each year.

One of the most high profile athletes to find success in both is Brock Lesnar. The former Division I wrestling champion had a great run with the WWE that saw him become “The Next Big Thing.”

Lesnar used his fame to transition into the world of MMA. He sought the competition that MMA offers and managed to win the UFC title during his short MMA tenure.

The heavyweight unceremoniously left the UFC after two embarrassing losses that saw him heavily criticized by the MMA community. Following his retirement in December of 2011, many fans wondered where he would find his next career endeavor.

Fans wouldn’t have to wait long as Lesnar re-debuted on Monday Night Raw following Wrestlemania 28. The fans in Miami knew Lesnar was rumored to show up and were even chanting “We want Lesnar!” during John Cena’s dialogue.

When Lesnar’s music hit, the arena roof exploded like never before. Fans get crazy when former stars like The Rock or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin make sporadic appearances but the cheers Lesnar received were on another level.

In less than five minutes, Lesnar delivered his trademark F-5 to Cena and created a massive spike of interest in the WWE that hasn’t been seen since “The Summer of the Pipe Bomb” created by CM Punk last year.

Besides Lesnar making a huge comeback this past Monday night, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal is also rumored to be interested in a WWE career following his Zuffa release.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer:

“Lawal immediately expressed interest in going to WWE. He’s had interest in the past. He was recruited years ago by Gerald Brisco, and at the time said he would be interested in going in 2008 because he first wanted to go to the Olympics. However, he lost in overtime in the finals at the Olympic trials. He had interest in both WWE and MMA after the Olympics but made the call to do MMA, feeling he could always do WWE after a few years of MMA, but couldn’t do it in the other direction.”

“King Mo” obviously believes a pro wrestling career could be a very successful business venture after his MMA career. So is it right for MMA fighters to consider a career in pro wrestling following their fighting careers?

Without a doubt, the answer should be yes.

Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal (center) could make the transition to the WWE (Esther Lin/Sho Sports)

Lesnar saw his reputation soiled by some embarrassing performances yet returned to the WWE as a conquering hero. Lawal is a relative unknown to most WWE fans but given his character, it’d be hard to deny the idea that Lawal could be entertaining.

As a WWE fan, it’s easy to envision some fans getting offended by bringing in an MMA fighter to the big leagues without having to pay the dues that some of the mid-carders have had to go through.

There’s certainly a right way of going about things and for any other MMA fighter than Lesnar, the WWE must have the patience to allow them to receive proper training before going in front of a live audience.

Regardless of the time frame of MMA fighters crossing over to WWE, one thing is for sure; it will inject some excitement into a stale product.

For the weeks leading up to their Wrestlemania encounter, The Rock and Cena engaged in a war of words with The Rock telling Cena how the WWE universe was tired of Cena.

It’s not just Cena, however. Fans are tired of a WWE product that hasn’t seen much change (or at least any for the better) in years. A few MMA stars like “King Mo” and Lesnar could compete on a part-time basis and provide a new level of excitement.

MMA fighters with wrestling experience would obviously be the easiest to transition. Lesnar was a freakish athlete in amateur wrestling and those skills translated very well to a professional wrestling style. I have no doubts other high-level amateur wrestlers could do the same.

While talented fighters can make the crossover into the WWE realm a smooth one, there is another reason for MMA fighters to make a career in pro wrestling: the money.

The travel may be harder, but the money to be made in WWE is light years ahead of even the best fighters in the UFC. Lesnar’s recent contract is rumored to be worth millions and it’s only a one-year deal.

Fighter salary is always a grey area in MMA but there’s no doubt a fighter could make a fortune in a short amount of time in WWE.

MMA fans have been critical of Lesnar’s return to the WWE, but it’s hard to understand why. He reached the pinnacle of the sport and decided to leave before damaging his health anymore. He returned to a career that pays more and where fans love him unanimously across the board.

What’s so wrong with that?

Top Photo: Brock Lesnar (Rob Tatum/The MMA Corner)

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