There’s a strong possibility that the main event of UFC 146 will  be far better than the originally planned fight between Alistair Overeem and Junior dos Santos.

I know what you’re thinking — how could that possibly be with the No. 1 contender out — but there’s a simple solution for the UFC–Dan Henderson.

With Overeem harnessing the testosterone of 14 men, his hopes of battling dos Santos for the heavyweight title next month are essentially long gone, and that’s a big blow to the PPV’s draw.

Names such as Frank Mir, Fabricio Werdum and Mark Hunt bring up a strong case for taking Overeem’s place, but there’s only one name that can suit the bill of replacing Overeem and that’s Henderson.

Henderson’s resume speaks for itself, and with him currently on a four-fight win streak, a fight with dos Santos could be astronomic. Both fighters are knockout artists, have great chins and are undoubtedly two of the best fighters in the world, so who in their right mind wouldn’t want to see this fight?

Between the two, they have 23 total KOs or TKOs, so fireworks are expected. Not only that, but you have a guy in dos Santos that has won five of his eight UFC fights by knockout potentially fighting a legend in Henderson that has never been knocked out in his MMA career.

I’d go as far as to say that this fight would be far more intriguing than the original UFC 146 main event.

You have a true rising star in dos Santos taking on one of the few legends of the sport in Henderson, and just like Randy Couture, Henderson looks to get better with age. Simply put, it’s hard not to get excited about another future vs. the past matchup, and that’s exactly what you would get in this fight.

And who’s to say that Overeem would have been able to handle dos Santos’ power shots anyway? As quick and accurate as dos Santos is with his boxing, it’s only a matter of time before he lands a shot on Overeem and forces him to turtle up.

You don’t have to worry about that with Henderson. As he proved in his fight with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 139, Henderson can take power shots and constantly move forward, and you better believe dos Santos can do the same.

Henderson is deserving of the title shot, and if the UFC gives it to him, MMA fans will be treated with an even better main event that what was originally planned.

Photo: Dan Henderson (L) (Sherdog)

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