The Ultimate Fighter: Live is continuing to manage solid ratings, as the FX, Friday night broadcast has been providing solid MMA fights. Coaches Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber have done a great job coaching the young fighters, while also keeping the show entertaining with their long rivalry.

In last week’s episode, Faber selected Michael Chiesa to go against Team Cruz’s Jeremy Larsen. After two rounds of action, the fight went to the judges’ scorecards, with Chiesa earning the nod.

Team Faber retained the momentum and opportunity of selecting the next fight. Due to their encounters that have happened while in the house, Faber made the match-up of Joe Proctor and Chris Tickle, who will settle the dispute in the Octagon on Friday.

The MMA Corner’s own Corey Adams will breakdown the fight, and give a prediction for this lightweight grudge match.

Joe Proctor (7-1) vs. Chris Tickle (7-4)

These two men have had their problems throughout the entire season, but on Friday, it will be time to let the fighting do the talking.

If you aren’t familiar with Joe Proctor, he is a product of UFC lightweight contender Joe Lauzon, and does his training up north in the Boston area. Like Lauzon, Proctor is a jiu-jitu based fighter, having won four of his seven fights by submission. In his fight that earned him the right to make it into the house, the once-defeated lightweight only needed two minutes to submit highly-touted Jordan Rinaldi.

Chris Tickle made a huge statement in his opening fight, by knocking out Austin Lyons in just 24 seconds. Since being a part of the show, Tickle has been the center of attention. Whether it was his teammates complaining about the way he acts or when he complained to his coach in last week’s episode about a so-called “foot problem”, Tickle has had the cameras on him. Tickle is a solid fighter, with five knockout wins on his resume.

While looking at what both fighters bring to the Octagon on Friday, this fight favors Proctor.

Tickle did look very impressive in his fight with Lyons, but has struggled with grapplers in the past. All of Tickle’s defeats have come by way of submission, which doesn’t suit him well when matched up with Proctor.

Proctor will have his hands full with his opponent on the feet though. Tickle could very well end this fight early, but my hunch is that with Faber coaching him, Proctor will be taught many wrestling moves that will be able to take Tickle to the mat. If the fight goes two or three rounds, Proctor will have the edge, due to the fact he has gone to the judges’ decision more often, with one of those fights being a five-round title bout.

All signs point to Team Faber in this match-up. Look for Proctor to avoid Tickle’s stand-up game early in the fight, earn a takedown or two, and submit his opponent in the second round.

To find out the result of the fight and review the full episode, check out The Ultimate Fighter: Live – The Aftermath, Week Six

Photo: Joe Proctor (L) and Chris Tickle square off (Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC)

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