This week on episode four of TUF Brazil, Anistávio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros was once again up to some insanity, disturbing the sleep of many in the house, and proving especially a nuisance for Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra by pulling Bezerra’s sheets from him. The insomniac Bezerra then proceeded to make the most of his interrupted slumber and went straight for the punching bag. To the surprise of no one, the decision to hit the bag at 4:45 AM disturbed the sleep of many in Team Vitor, and though Bezerra claimed he was at war with the green team, he did apologize to all of Team Vitor later in the training center. While coach Vitor Belfort took responsibility for his boys, he did think “Jason” could have handled the situation better.

Those who’ve kept up with the first three episodes know that Godofredo Pepey and Daniel Sarafian have put Team Vitor at 2-0 in the competition thus far, but Wanderlei Silva still tried to build confidence in his team so that they use the current skid as motivation to persevere. Nevertheless, the decision of who fights next from Team Vitor was not made until the day of the fight, when Belfort selected John Macapa from Team Wanderlei to face Rodrigo Damm. Before finding out it was him, however, Damm was one of those from Team Vitor who stood critical of Belfort’s decision to wait until “the time is right”, as Belfort called it, to let his team know which one of them would be fighting and against whom they would be fighting.

Rodrigo Damm vs. John Macapa

Round 1—The fight starts out with both men going at it wildly on the feet with Damm and Macapa hurting each other with strikes. Macapa gets the better end of the striking game in the early going as he is able to drop Damm, but Damm hangs on and gets a takedown. Despite attacking the body while on the ground, Macapa gets back up and temporarily returns to turning the fight into a striking bout. Macapa drops Damm again but gets taken down again, where Damm manages to improve to half-guard, but gets back up, where again, Macapa finds success in knocking Damm down by way of a kick to the body. The round ends against the cage with Mario Yamasaki admonishing Rodrigo Damm about grabbing the fence and threatening to take a point off of Damm. Nevertheless, Damm wins the round based on the takedowns and especially for what he was able to do with the second takedown.

Round 2—Except for an accidental eye poke, the second frame is all John Macapa, who is able to fend off the majority of Damm’s takedown attempts and is also able to out-strike Damm in this round. Damm finishes the round strong with a takedown, but it is not enough to keep this fight from going to a third and decisive round. Macapa’s aggression, striking, and energy pay dividends to a round which the Team Wanderlei fighter clearly earned.

Round 3—The round started as the previous one did, with Macapa defending a takedown and landing combinations as well as multiple leg kicks. All in all, Macapa got the better of the striking once again, but Damm turned it around by going in for a single-leg takedown, which he eventually achieved. From there, until the end of the round, Damm was able to control the pace of the fight while neutralizing Macapa’s striking as well as his submission game. While Damm never did find that finish, he did make it clear that he was the victor, despite post-fight comments from Wanderlei Silva that were suggestive to the contrary.

Official Result: Rodrigo Damm defeats John Macapa by decision

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