This week, on episode six of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, we recap Team Vitor’s move to 4-0 in the competition with Cezar Mutante’s submission win over Leonardo Macarrao, and though Team Wanderlei’s spirits have not been crushed, Anistavio Gasparzinho feels a bit left out. Naturally, coach Wanderlei Silva is fed up with Gasparzinho’s “speeches,” as he calls them, but he and Vitor recall the season up until this point and Vitor even commends some of Team Wanderlei’s best efforts. Nevertheless, coach Belfort is still in control of the fights and pits his No. 2 pick Hugo “Wolverine” Viana against Team Wanderlei’s No. 5 pick, Marcos Vinicius Vina.

Viana is a physiotherapist who has been doing work since age nine and gets support from his family, all of whom watch his fights. He says his fighting spirit comes from his mother while his intelligence comes from his father. Also, he says that fighting has made him a better person, which in turn had made him a better person for his family. Meanwhile, Vina was a hustler before he ever found fighting and he’s put in work since age 12, so he does have some strong work ethic that he will look to demonstrate in this fight.

Back at the house, not much happens with the house at peace despite Rony Jason and Delson Heleno having past issues with sharing rooms. However, the fighters that do fight this week both have the right to what’s described as a “gastronomic spree” with a day before the fight and neither fighter wastes time in committing to the spree. Meanwhile, Godofredo Pepey starts gaining the stature as the cocky one in the house due to his noticeable posture, and it starts to keep him away from some others in the house. The first impression of Pepey will not be changing any time soon, nor will the line of thinking in the minds of Team Vitor—all of whom are realizing that they may soon have to face each other, even if they improve to 5-0 thanks to a Viana win over Vina.

All talk aside, we get by the drama as we approach weigh-in day. Both men hit 145 on the dot and we are set for the next featherweight quarterfinal as Hugo Viana takes on Marcos Vinicius Vina.

FW bout: Hugo “Wolverine” Viana vs. Marcos Vinicius Vina

Viana takes a clear 10-9 in the first round despite being tied up many times by the Muay Thai of Vina and being forced to use his boxing. It proves as no problem as Viana is able to barely land an overhand right that connects just enough to throw Vina off-balance. Vina looks to end the round by avoiding Viana’s biggest shots, but is again thrown off-balance by Viana. This causes Viana to finish the round in a stronger fashion by securing the takedown and landing some ground-and-pound.

The second round is a better round for Vina, but his best efforts are not ultimately enough to steal a round from Viana. Vina uses his lankiness to make the most out of leg kicks, as he was able to do at times in the first round, but he’s just a little bit less quick to the draw, and Viana is able to move in and out of range after finding his range. Vina does get a takedown and catch Viana on the way up, but Vina cannot keep Viana down despite Viana being visibly fatigued at this point. Despite not landing much, Viana is throwing more than Vina throughout the round, and at the end of a close second round, it is learned that there will be no third round. The judges agree on the 20-18 score in favor of the winner by unanimous decision, Hugo Viana.

With this fifth straight loss, the coaches of Team Wanderlei feel that Vina is much better than what was shown here this week, and Master Rafael Cordeiro voices his disappointment as he feels Vina just was not listening to the advice of the blue corner. Nonetheless, the bout leaves room for the fight most have been anticipating for quite a few weeks now, as Gasparzinho and Rony Jason will compete in the final featherweight quarterfinal bout. Both friends hug it out and realize that their fate is now determined with the two fighting next week for the final spot in the featherweight semifinals.

[box_light]Official Result: Hugo “Wolverine” Viana def. Marcos Vinicius Vina by unanimous decision (20-18 x3)[/alert]

Lyoto Machida stops by the house to remind the fighters of how short one’s time in the sport can be and to make the most of it. This ends this week’s episode of TUF: Brazil, and we look ahead to next week when Jason and Gasparzinho finally do battle in intense featherweight action that you won’t want to miss. Will Jason snap the 5-0 run of Team Vitor, or will Gasparzinho ensure that we get an all-Team-Vitor finale? Find out next week as Week Seven brings us a step closer to finding out who will become Brazil’s Ultimate Fighter.

Photo: Hugo “Wolverine” Viana (black trunks) (Gleidson Venga/Sherdog)

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