When you think of a mixed martial artist, who comes to mind?

Usually the elimination process leaves us with Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, or even Georges St-Pierre.

However, throw green hair into the mix, you’re likely to be left with one individual.

Enter UFC flyweight, Louis Gaudinot.

Gaudinot, an Ultimate Fighter season 14 product, is slated to take on John Lineker at UFC on Fox 3 this weekend in East Rutherford, N.J.

The green-haired 125-pounder recently sat down with The MMA Corner and discussed his eccentric style and upcoming bout.

Gaudinot (The Ultimate Fighter)

Garrett Derr: Let’s cut to the chase. Where did the green hair escalate from and why are you referred to as “Goodnight”?

Louis Gaudinot: You know, I dyed my hair green one time when I was still in college. Not too long after, I was doing the mixed martial arts thing and dyed it again in my first amateur fight. It’s really become my style so I just sort of stuck with it.

In terms of “Goodnight,” a good friend of mine actually gave it to me. I landed a nice spinning back fist in one of my fights and I needed a nickname. So, he gave that to me and that also just stuck with me.

GD: So, you’ve gone through the Ultimate Fighter house and I’m sure it was quite the experience. Looking back, what was the most memorable part of being on the  show?

LG: That’s a tough one. I would have to say the whole thing in general. It kind of reinforced the idea that this is what I want to do with my life. Dana said the first day that some of us will make it to the house and some of us wouldn’t.

If you realized that this wasn’t what you wanted to do then it was time to get out. If you wanted to be a carpenter or lawyer then so be it. There is a lot of sacrificing that took place. Being away from family, friends and my daughter was difficult. But, in the long run, it was worth it looking at where my career is at now.

GD: Who was the guy you got along with the most?

LG: There was a couple of us that got along pretty well. But, there was a certain group with two guys in Dodson and Ferguson. We formed the group called the “deaf leprechauns.” The first night in the house we gravitated towards one another and we had similar personalities.

GD: What about the guy you didn’t care for?

LG: Oh you know, me and Steve Bass had our differences. It ticked me off when he blamed his loss on Coach Bisping. That’s on him. We got into huge argument when he was drunk in the house one night . That didn’t make it on TV though. We avoided each other, we didn’t become friends, but we kind of squashed it in the end.

GD: Talk to me about the controversy in the house. How much of it is real and how much of it is portrayed for media purposes?

Gaudinot (L) delivers a left hand (Scott Petersen/MMA Weekly)

LG: I think most of it is pretty real. You know, you’re in house for six weeks with a bunch of guys. Basically you’re stuck together 24/7. There’s no TV, radio or anything like that, so you have to interact with one another.

People have their differences over the littlest things. Sometimes people eat your slice of bread or get on your nerves. It happens. There wasn’t any huge fights, but personalities clash when you’re stuck in an environment like that.

GD: The house is done with and you’ll be meeting John Lineker in just a few short hours. Talk to me about your match-up.

LG: He has a lot of experience, that’s for sure. He’s had 20-something fights, but I think my experience of being on the show evens a lot of it out. I’ve seen the whole format of fighting at a high stage.

I think he’ll have the UFC jitters. He’s fought on smaller cards in Brazil and this will be his first fight at 125 pounds. I know how to hydrate and all that. I think that will be a huge factor in itself.

GD: So, I guess the question that we’ve been waiting for is how can we expect this bout to play out?

LG: You know, he’s got an iron jaw. I’ve seen some of his fights and he likes to keep coming forward when he gets hit. But I like to bang too. It could end in the first round, but you never know, it could go to the judges too.

It’s definitely going to be one of the most exciting fights of the night.

GD: Our last question is, who do you credit a lot of your success to? Who’s someone who’s really helped you along the way?

LG: My mom. She was the one that got me involved in mixed martial arts training. I was six when I went for the very first time. I cried hysterically. She didn’t force me to do it, but she encouraged me. She was concerned as a parent.

She’s been nothing but supportive and she’s why I’m here today.

Top Photo: Louis Gaudinot (Keith Mills/Sherdog)

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