After Team Faber’s Andy Ogle scored the final victory of the round of 16 over Mike Rio, The Ultimate Fighter: Live quickly shifted its attention to the quarterfinal fights.

The four fights were split into two weeks, with the first two bouts taking place on this week’s episode, and the final two occurring next week on May 18.

Team Cruz’s No.1 pick Justin Lawrence was matched against Team Faber’s Michael Chiesa, while Cruz product James Vick was pitted against Joe Proctor from Faber’s roster.

However, that focus was short lived as bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz suffered a torn ACL and was forced out of his title defense with opposing coach Urijah Faber. UFC President Dana White told the fighters the news. Despite the injury, Cruz will stay on to coach his team for the remainder of the season.

“It breaks my heart,” Cruz proclaimed.

“I was looking forward to fighting Dominick for the title,” Faber explained.

After the unfortunate news, the first quarterfinal bout between Vick and Proctor was spotlighted.

“James Vick is one of the scrappiest dudes on our team,” Cruz declared. “He doesn’t realize how well he is doing. I could see him in the finals.”

“When I hit him on his chin, he’s going to go to sleep,” Vick stated.

“I’m excited for the matchup between Vick and Proctor,” Faber said. “We don’t know much about Vick, but Proctor is very polished. The game plan will be to take Vick down and submit him.”

“Without this win (over Vick), the other two wins mean nothing,” stated Proctor.

James Vick vs. Joe Proctor

The longer Vick scored first with a body shot, as Proctor looked for a way to get inside. After a feeling out process, Proctor looked for a takedown near the midpoint of the round, but Vick kept the fight standing. A brief guillotine attempt from Proctor was followed by a right hand flush to Vick’s chin. The pair began to open up as the round progressed, with Vick scoring with kicks to Proctor’s body. A close, hard-fought round saw both fighters bleeding from the nose as the bell sounded.

Proctor opened the second round aggressively, looking for combinations. Vick scored with his strikes, but Proctor was able to secure a takedown. Vick tried to stand, but Proctor threatened with a D’arce choke. Vick turned purple briefly, but escaped into side control. The fight returned to the feet and Vick scored with a flurry of clinch knees. The pair tied up along the fence with a minute remaining, but Vick disengaged to continue his striking attack. Proctor connected with a big shot in the waning moment of the round, but Vick answered and the fight went to the scorecards.

Official Result: James Vick def. Joe Proctor by unanimous decision (20-18 x3).

In his post-fight interview, Vick was asked about Proctor’s choke attempt. “It was deep, but I would’ve gone to sleep before I tapped,” Vick declared. “Everything is coming together for me at the right time.”

Following the first live bout, the second pairing  between Lawrence and Chiesa was showcased.

“It’s been a rocky journey for me so far (losing my dad),” Chiesa said. “I feel like I can go out there and beat Lawrence. I have a better chance of beating him on the feet than he does of beating me on the ground.”

“Chiesa can take out their top fighter,” coach Faber declared.

“The key for Justin is sprawling and brawling,” Cruz explained. “This is a tough fight for him.”

“A lot of people say I’m a natural athlete, but I’ve had to work for everything,” said Lawrence. “Chiesa is a great wrestler, but if I keep my movement, it will throw off his shots.”

[alert type=white ]Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa[/alert]

Lawrence attacked with kicks early, but slipped and allowed Chiesa to secure him around the waist. He dragged the fight to the mat and looked to take Lawrence’s back. Lawrence spun into Chiesa’s guard, but was forced to defend multiple armbar attempts before passing to half guard. Chiesa recovered his guard and looked for a kimura on Lawrence’s left arm. Chiesa continued to stay active from his back, throwing elbows before switching to a kimura on the opposite arm. Chiesa looked for a triangle along the fence in the final minute. He rained elbows and punches, but Lawrence survived the round.

The fighters traded combos to start the second frame. Lawrence again attacked with a kick and Chiesa latched onto it along the cage. Lawrence kept the fight standing and the two returned to the center of the cage. Chiesa landed a flying knee near the midway point of the round, but Lawrence seemed unfazed. Lawrence hurt Chiesa with a flurry of body shots, but Chiesa survived. Chiesa attacked an arm, but did not have his guard. Lawrence escaped and jumped into Chiesa’s guard. Lawrence finished the round raining punches.

In the sudden-victory round Lawrence scored the early takedown, but was again forced to defend a triangle. Chiesa then swept into the full mount and rained punches from the top position. Lawrence covered up and referee Josh Rosenthal was forced to stop the fight.

[divider]Official Result: Michael Chiesa def. Justin Lawrence by TKO (strikes). Round 3, 1:02

The victorious Chiesa stated, “I just came here to fight. He hurt me real bad in the second round. Justin is a tough kid. That was the toughest fight of my life.”

“This is what this competition is all about,” UFC President Dana White declared after the fight.

Next week’s episode will determine the next two semifinalists as Vinc Pichel from Team Cruz will battle Team Faber’s Chris Saunders, while Team Faber teammates Andy Ogle and Al Iaqunita are set to face off.

Photo: Michael Chiesa (top) finishes off Justin Lawrence (Zuffa, LLC)