This week, on episode nine of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, we revisit Thiago Bodao’s win over Francisco Drinaldo, and we hear the announcement of Sergio Moraes vs. Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno.

Both reveal humble beginnings, with Moraes picking up a strong work ethic from his father, helping him to stick to what he needed to do in life as a result, and Heleno—the oldest of eight—using Capoeira, jiu-jitsu, a promise to never upset his mom, and a longstanding relationship with his girlfriend of several years as motivations to both get involved with and stay in the sport of MMA.

Moraes, who has been training since age 14, also runs a social project in his hometown which allows 150 children to train for free. Moraes was hurt earlier this season when he was not chosen to fight—which coach Vitor Belfort admitted he liked because it showed him that Moraes wanted to fight—and now he gets this chance. Coach Wanderlei Silva says that this will be “Jiu-Jitsu Heaven,” and Belfort agrees that this battle will be a good one if it goes to the ground.

UFC middleweight champion and pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva stops by the gym to aid Team Wanderlei in their training and advises Wanderlei on how to pressure Belfort, to whom Anderson refers as a “coward” before he begins training with the team. The team is amazed by what Anderson does in training as he spars with Leonardo Teixeira, who openly idolizes the champ. After a good session of training, Wanderlei tells the team to aspire to reach Anderson’s level of greatness, to which Anderson returns the praise before helping to further deface Belfort’s picture.

We’ll see on June 23 if Wanderlei can pressure Belfort when the two take part in their rematch in Belo Horizonte, but for now, we’ll stick to the script and mention that Reed Harris is the man overseeing the weigh-ins this week. Both make weight, and Moraes proceeds to call this fight “a clash of eras.” Heleno is 23-6 as a professional, while Moraes is only 6-1, but while neither man will have his record affected in this fight, Moraes declares that it’s his time.

Both fighters are ready, as is Mario Yamasaki, and we are set for our featured fight of the night!

MW Quarterfinal bout: Sergio “Serginho” Moraes vs. Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno

Heleno takes the center of the Octagon early, while Moraes distances himself. Moraes just misses a front kick to the chin, but Heleno sticks all of a straight right. Moraes and Heleno work in a clinch, and Heleno takes a knee to the groin after a pretty even exchange in the clinch. They restart and Moraes gets the fight to the floor, but cannot find the squeeze when Heleno leaves his neck out on a failed attempt to scramble back to his feet. Moraes works to get Heleno’s back and gets both hooks in with less than a minute to go in the round.

Heleno tries to defend the choke, but Moraes gets his right hand under the chin to secure the rear-naked choke. Moraes has it locked in deep and Heleno is forced to tap, giving Team Vitor its final victory of the quarterfinals, and ensuring that UFC 147’s TUF Brazil middleweight final will be an all-Team Vitor final.

Official result: Sergio Moraes def. Delson Heleno by Submission (rear-naked choke) in Round 1

That’s all she wrote for this episode it seems, right? Well, we’re almost done but not quite yet!

Understandably, Team Vitor is excited for Moraes’ win, while Heleno is frustrated, as are a shocked Wanderlei and Anderson. However, Team Wanderlei realizes that they have to turn their attention to getting Rony Jason prepared for his semifinal, regardless of whomever it is that he faces. The overwhelming 7-1 victory of Team Vitor begs the question of whether the teams will be redistributed so that Belfort and his coaches don’t have to split their time between the fighters. Most of Team Vitor, except Moraes, are concerned with the prospect of switching teams, but Moraes is more than willing to be part of a switch to Team Wanderlei if need be. Belfort also tries to convince UFC President Dana White to not try to switch up the teams, but Dana—adamant in emphasizing that this is not a team competition—says he’ll pick who gets switched if Belfort cannot.

Neither Vitor nor Wanderlei want to lose any of their guys, but Belfort knows Silva won’t take Cezar Mutante and Daniel Sarafian, so Bodao, Moraes and Godofredo Pepey are told—with a feeling of heartbreak that is visibly mutual in Belfort’s face—that they’ll be going to Team Wanderlei, while Marcos Vina and Renee Forte are told that they will be going to Team Vitor. Heleno, Teixeira and Drinaldo have their fates decided by the drawing of a name out of a bag. The man who draws Belfort’s name is the man who will go to Team Vitor with Vina and Forte. To some shock and a few laughs, Heleno is the man that drew Belfort’s name.

As Wanderlei says before the bid farewell to Heleno, “Of all the people, it had to be you, black cat!”

Next week, the competition will begin to reach the home stretch as the first featherweight semifinal will take place, but something happens that may put one fighter’s future in jeopardy. Who is it? What will happen next? Find out next week as The MMA Corner progresses forward on the road to the finale at UFC 147, where we will learn of the two men who will represent Brazil in becoming the next middleweight and featherweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter!

Photo: Sergio Moraes (black gloves) scored a big win for Team Vitor in the last quarterfinal bout of TUF: Brazil, but then was moved to Team Wanderlei along with Thiago Bodao and Godofredo Pepey. (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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