This week, on episode eleven of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, we recap Godofredo Pepey’s victory over Marcos Vinicius Vina—replacement for Rodrigo Damm—to advance forward to the TUF Brazil featherweight final at UFC 147. Pepey will await the winner of Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra vs. Hugo “Wolverine” Viana, but first, we begin this week with the coaches’ challenge.

Coaches Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva are taken to a soccer field and, per Dana White, are given ten chances each to score from the penalty spot, with the winner getting $22,000 and his team getting $980. Paulo Henrique de Lima and Marcos Roberto Silveira Reis are brought in to assist the two coaches, and early on, it seems like Belfort will hold a legitimate edge over Silva.

Silva wins the coin toss, but both men match each other shot-for-shot before the seventh round of competition, in which Belfort breaks a 3-3 score. Both score in the eighth round and miss in the ninth, but Belfort is still up 6-5 towards the end of the challenge. Belfort clinches the match point in the tenth round and the excitement causes a member of Team Vitor to even lift up Brittney Palmer in celebration (yes, fellas, Brittney was in Brazil, also).

After the fun comes the hard work, as middleweights Daniel Sarafian and Sergio Moraes will compete for their spot in the middleweight final. Belfort and Silva praise Sarafian, referred to by Belfort as the favorite to win this season, while others on the show consider the Fabio Gurgel pupil Moraes’ jiu-jitsu to be among some of the world’s, let alone the show’s, best.  Sarafian wants to keep the fight standing and stay away from Moraes’ submission mastery, but Moraes wants to work his jiu-jitsu game on Sarafian in order to achieve the win.

Moraes comes in at 185.6 pounds while Sarafian comes in at 185.7 pounds. The intensity is conspicuous by the staredown, which is only broken up by Belfort, and back at the house, most of the men see this fight as a 50/50 affair. Fight day sees Demian Maia coming in, rocking the colors of Team Vitor, to which Silva initially takes exception. Maia is not apologetic about wearing Team Vitor’s colors, however, because Sarafian is a pupil of Maia.

After the visit, we are finally set for our featured fight of the night. The fighters are ready, as is Mario Yamasaki, and it’s time to knuckle up!

FW Semi-final Bout: Sergio Moraes vs. Daniel Sarafian

Moraes starts off looking like he will get the best end of the fight early by getting the fight to the ground. He’s not able to get Sarafian down, but does land a big hook. Moraes grabs the legs of Sarafian and gets another takedown, but Sarafian scrambles to his feet. The two clinch up, but Yamasaki resets the fighters, and a front kick to the face lands for Sarafian. Moraes holds on to a leg and cannot get a takedown.

Sarafian has some more pep in his step and some more confidence brewing as we aim to close out round one.  He goes in for a flying knee and lands it flush before landing one more hammer fist on a knocked-out Moraes. Moraes is out after the knee, but Yamasaki steps in after the hammer fist, and Sarafian is the first middleweight finalist of TUF Brazil.

Official Result: Daniel Sarafian def. Sergio Moraes in Round 1 via KO (flying knee)

“Serginho” comes to after the KO loss and is in tears, as are the rest of the fighters, and Belfort looks to comfort “Serginho,” as does Silva. As a show of good sportsmanship, he appears at the ceremony at which Sarafian’s picture moves into the finalist slot. Sarafian advances and will await the winner of Cezar Mutante vs. Thiago Bodao for the middleweight finals, and “Jason vs. Wolverine” will take place next week, as is evident by the training regiments shown from both.

This episode actually does not end with the preparations by “Jason” and “Wolverine,” as Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros once again has jokes up the yin-yang for the house, and Team Wanderlei decides it’s time to get this man back. They’ve decided to exploit Medeiros’ fear of being tied up by first tying him to a chair and then bringing him to the floor. Medeiros first starts to freak out a little, but then it gets bad to the point where Medeiros is punching the door, throwing a trash can at the cameras, and nearly assaulting everyone and everything in sight at the gym. Luckily, he does not go that far, and everything starts returning to normal.

Whether it truly comes back to normal or not in the house remains to be seen, but as stated earlier, “Jason vs. Wolverine” is shown for next week with the winner facing Pepey at UFC 147 for the chance to call themselves the next Ultimate Fighter.

Who will advance to face Pepey? Find out next week, and keep it locked in the week after if Mutante vs. Bodao should not happen next week as well, because on June 23, we will crown two new fighters as the next men worthy of being called The Ultimate Fighter!

Photo: Daniel Sarafian (pictured, white trunks) advanced forward in his quest to become the next Ultimate Fighter with a win over Sergio Moraes (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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