If, and pretty much when, Strikeforce kicks the bucket, the UFC will undoubtedly have a women’s division.

UFC president Dana White has been preaching for years that the UFC won’t have a women’s division until there’s enough talent to produce an intriguing weight class, but that was before Ronda Rousey became a superstar.

Never has a female fighter generated so much buzz in the MMA community, and that’s saying a lot considering all of the attention Gina Carano attracted years ago in Elite XC and Strikeforce. Rousey is not only a pretty face and brilliant talker, but she is an absolute wrecking ball.

This girl possesses the skills to throw any of her opponents around like a rag doll and finish them on the ground with her patented armbar. Trust me, there’s nothing hotter than watching a beautiful woman dominate her competition, and you’d be a fool to think UFC President Dana White hasn’t noticed this. In fact, I haven’t ever seen White get behind a female fighter like he has gotten behind Rousey. He knows he has a jewel, and he knows that he needs to keep that jewel refined and showcased to the public.

But can one woman single-handedly bring the UFC its first women’s division? In steps the problem of finding worthy opponents for this young, yet ultra-talented mixed martial artist. But then again, is that really a problem? She still has a lot of intriguing fights left on the table with Marloes Coenen, Sarah Kaufman and Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos all anxiously awaiting a showdown with the 135-pound champion.

Rousey and “Cyborg” went at it via Twitter before Rousey’s anticipated bout with Meisha Tate. Following Rousey’s comments about “Cyborg” using performance-enhancing drugs, Santos tweeted Rousey a picture of Gina Carano following their bout in 2009 that was Photoshopped and made Carano look more battered than she actually was.  Rousey responded by tweeting this to Cyborg:

@criscyborg you don’t just have a dick, you are a dick for posting that picture of Gina, you cheater

Think the UFC can’t use this to hype up a big showdown between champion and former champion? And should the UFC choose to push these type of women’s rivalries, women’s MMA will continue to grow and more challengers will prosper. And as far as rematches go, who wouldn’t want to see a rematch between Tate and Rousey? If anyone can sell a rematch between those girls, the UFC can.

Because of how successful and polarizing Rousey’s MMA career has been, it’s safe to say women’s MMA is here to stay for the long haul. You can bet your purse on it.

Photo: Strikeforce Champion Ronda Rousey (Sherdog)

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  • Do your thing Rhonda Rousey…..knock down those MMA doors & look cute doing it! Your Dad is in your corner every fight.
    Dana White, you should take on the challenge and show the world how you’re suppose to market a successful Female circuit!