Welterweight Mike Pierce may possess the most misleading record in all of the UFC. Since joining the promotion in late 2009, Pierce has amassed a mark of 5-3 inside the famed Octagon.

The three losses—all by closely-contested decisions—have come against two former title challengers and a current top-five fighter (Johny Hendricks). Asked how he copes with the defeats, the Oregon native revealed that he can only play with the hand he’s dealt.

“You can’t dwell on it for too long because you don’t want it to get inside your head,” he told The MMA Corner. “I can only control what I do. If it goes the distance, you just hope the judges make the right call. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t.”

Pierce (L) battles Josh Koscheck (James Law/Heavy MMA)

Unfortunately for Pierce, the judges haven’t been kind to him recently. His loss to the aforementioned Hendricks and his defeat in his last bout with Josh Koscheck both came by way of split decision.

“It was really frustrating,” Pierce said of the UFC 143 fight against Koscheck. “After the first round, I went back to my corner with all sorts of confidence. I thought that was the best I was going to see of Josh Koscheck and thought the next two rounds went my way. For whatever reason, two of the judges saw it the other way. I think it was a big surprise that Josh got his hand raised.”

With the decision, six of Pierce’s eight bouts with the promotion have gone to the scorecards. Despite finishing more than half of his wins, he sees going the distance as part of the sport’s nature.

“When you start fighting guys at the top of the pack, you always hope for a finish,” the former Portland State wrestler declared. “But there’s times when two guys are really tough and those opportunities (to finish) aren’t available.”

Although Pierce admits that his losses eat at him, he’s not obsessing over things that he can’t change.

“The only fights that I think about are the ones that I lost,” confessed Pierce. “Losses always stick in your mind the most, but the past is the past. There’s nothing you can do but roll with the punches and move on.”

Moving on means taking on dangerous Brazilian submission specialist Carlos Eduardo Rocha at UFC on FX 3 on June 8 from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Even after dropping two of his last three fights, Pierce is confident heading into the bout.

“I think I have a lot more tools in my arsenal,” explained the welterweight. “I think he’s a tough guy, but his only real strength is the ground. No one makes it to the UFC by accident, but I’m ready to make a statement with this guy and deliver a message to the rest of the division.”

Pierce would be the first to confess that he’s not bashful. So when the fight with Rocha was announced as a candidate for the main card in the Harley-Davidson Hometown Throwdown fan voting, he took to Twitter to sell the bout. He even went as far as calling the Brazilian a “cockroach.”

“Not a lot of people know this guy. I was trying to get a little bit of reaction from him, but nothing really happened,” Pierce recalled with a laugh. “I enjoy the trash talk. It’s fun (for me) and the fans. It helps sell and promote the fight.”

Ultimately—despite his efforts on various social media platforms—the bout with Rocha finished second in the voting and has been relegated to the Fuel TV prelims.

“I was little bit disappointed. I always like getting that extra public attention,” acknowledged Pierce. “I knew it was probably not going to happen. (Rocha) doesn’t really have a big following on Twitter or Facebook, so I was handicapped.”

When the cage door shuts on June 8, Pierce will no longer be faced with a handicap, even against a decorated grappler like Rocha. After all, the veteran has never been finished in his entire MMA career. However, he may be forced to deal with those pesky judges again. Hopefully for his sake, they’ll make the right call.

Mike would like to thank his team and training partners at Sports Lab Training Center and Paradigm Sports Management for their support. Follow him on Twitter: @MikePierce170

Top Photo: Mike Pierce (Sherdog)

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