It’s hard to believe we’re talking about episode twelve of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil already, but alas, we are at that point.

This episode begins with a recap of Daniel Sarafian’s emotional win over Sergio Moraes last week, as well as the coaches’ challenge and Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros’ nearly-lethal overreaction to the pranks of his teammates.

Afterwards, we catch up with the coaches about the Rony Bezerra-Hugo Viana featherweight semi-final, as well as Bezerra and Viana themselves. Bezerra says that the people who know him best know him as a fun-loving guy until the “Jason” mask comes on, while the Luiz Dorea prospect Viana is revealed to be equally amiable. Wanderlei Silva reveals that Bezerra, a Team Nogueira fighter, has no house of his own and actually lives at the gym at which he trains.

Speaking of Team Nogueira, we see the brothers appear in Team Vitor jerseys, which does not alarm Bezerra. Both brothers admit that they consider Bezerra family, and they receive the blue jerseys of Team Wanderlei shortly thereafter. After both fighters weigh in and make this one official, we see their preparations at the house, and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua appears. Many of the fighters idolize Rua, who checks up on the fighters before we get set for our featured bout of the night.

Both men promise to lay it all on the line in this one before they enter the cage. Mario Yamasaki gets the fighters ready to go. The winner of this one gets Godofredo Pepey at UFC 147, but who will be the winner of this, the second featherweight semi-final? We will find out that answer right now!

FW Semi-final Bout: Hugo “Wolverine” Viana VS. Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra

Both start out round one tentatively, but Bezerra does find his range and eventually he sticks a counter on a flurry from an aggressive Viana. They open up as the round progresses and they each look to stick a flying knee but neither connects. Bezerra’s eye is bleeding from a scratch, but the doctor agrees that it is not enough to warrant a stoppage and the fight continues. “Jason” re-ups on his aggressiveness on the restart, but hits the deck on a combination from Viana—a left straight follows a right straight to momentarily drop Bezerra. The energy is high to end the first round as both trade power shots in flurries down the stretch. It’s hard to know if Bezerra’s aggression was enough to take it, or if Viana took the round with the combo that dropped Bezerra.

The two start round two similarly to how they began round one, and after trading some wild hooks and flying knees once more, Bezerra seems to get the better of these exchanges by moving forward in executing his flurries. Viana returns fire after taking what Bezerra is dishing out, but it seems Viana still cannot get the upper hand, despite his efforts. As we reach the final minutes of this frame, Viana is active in looking for the kill, but he cannot find it. The round ends with Bezerra in control, as he scores a takedown and gets Viana on his back. Unfortunately for “Jason,” whose eye is still a concern, the round ends before he can do anything while in top position.

Round three looks like something we’ve seen before in this fight. Despite Viana’s footwork and staying busy on the feet, he’s not finding homes for the shots he’s firing. Viana does find the mark with one punch on the chin, however, after Bezerra opts to channel his inner Nick Diaz and taunt Viana. “Jason” has clearly outdone Viana on the feet, but ends the round with a takedown, from which Viana scrambled to reset, and a wild exchange on the feet. Both raise their hands in celebration, but “Jason” feels he won all three rounds before the coaches recap this back-and-forth affair. Bezerra proves correct in thinking himself as victorious, and he will move on to face Pepey at UFC 147 in Belo Horizonte in the first-ever TUF Brazil featherweight finale..

Official result: Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra def. Hugo “Wolverine” Viana via unanimous decision

“Jason vs. Pepey” is set for the featherweight final, and this will do it for us this week here on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. Next week, we will learn who will move on to the middleweight final opposite Daniel Sarafian. Will Cezar Mutante prove why he was the favorite from day one, or will Thiago Bodao move one fight closer to becoming the next Ultimate Fighter? Tune in next week to find out!

Photo: Rony Marianao Bezerra, (white trunks w/ black foot tape) who scored a unanimous decision win in one of this season’s best fights (Marcelo Alonso/Sherdog).

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